Simple and Secure

The way network access should work

A Better Architecture for Managing Access

Rooted in the principle of “never trust, always verify,”  Check Point Corporate Access platform helps prevent data breaches by eliminating implicit trust from your network perimeter, and instead builds explicit trust in people, devices, assets, and data wherever they are located.

Frictionless User Experience

Whether it’s employees working from home, contractors working on a limited project, or engineers accessing production environments, your users just want to work. Check Point’s agentless architecture gives users frictionless access to authorized assets, without the need for VPNs.

Authentication & Authorization

Unlike traditional perimeter-based access solutions, Check Point’s controller authenticates a user’s identity and authorizes access using defined permissions and contextual data such as device, location and MFA, prior to granting user access to any asset.

Least Privilege Access

As a point of presence, Check Point’s gateway handles all communication within the platform. Gateways serve as identity-aware proxies – enforcing real-time decisions about who can connect to which asset, for how long and with which permissions.

Reduced Attack Surface

As the only network interface in your data center, Check Point’s cloud-agnostic connector is lightweight software that creates a single, resilient, reverse-tunnel connection to the nearest gateway. The connector also ensures that users are only given application-level access to resources that they have been pre-authorized to see.


Gateways also serve as a unified monitoring and logging point for all traffic – auditing every action performed. System administrators receive a full audit trail of user activity, including executed SSH commands and fully recorded sessions.

3-Minute Deployment

Getting started with Check Point Corporate Access is as easy as deploying the connector, which only takes a few minutes.

Ready to Experience Corporate Access?

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