Providing cyber security professionals and C-Level executives a detailed analysis of key cyber trends, statistics and advise on how to prevent fifth generation cyber attacks

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The world faces over 100,000 malicious websites and 10,000
malicious files daily

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87% of organization have experienced an attempted exploit of an already-known, existing vulnerability

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46% of organizations have had at least one employee download a malicious mobile application

Benefits of 2021 Cyber Security Report

  • Detailed analysis of current cyber trends
  • Recommendations on how to prevent the next cyber pandemic
  • Deep dive into Global malware statistics and high profile global vulnerabilities
  • Providing cyber security professionals and C-Level executives the information they need to protect their organizations from fifth-generation cyber-attacks and threats


Of organizations worldwide targeted by Emotet in 2020


Increase in attacks exploiting Vulnerabilities in RDP(Remote Desktop Protocol)


Vulnerabilities revelead in a Qualcomm chip affects a large portion of the mobile market


Organizations say their traditional security either don’t work or only provide limited functions in cloud environments

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