Secure Remote Workforce During Coronavirus

Due to coronavirus, companies around the globe are looking to connect reliably, scale rapidly, and stay protected as today’s workforces transition from on-premise to remote working. Check Point provides businesses of all sizes the ability to ensure best-in-class connectivity and security, allowing your workforce to remain as productive as possible.


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Secure Connectivity

Accessible and reliable connections between corporate networks and remote devices 24/7

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Remote Productivity

Promote collaboration and productivity between teams, networks, and offices worldwide

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Protect Yourself

Stay protected against cyber criminal techniques during the coronavirus crisis

Video Guide: How to Secure Your Remote Workforce

From recent attack trends to best practices for mobile, endpoint and cloud email security, our 8-part video guide is everything security admins need to secure the remote workforce in the new normal, and beyond.


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Products and Services to Securely Connect
Your Remote Workers

Secure remote connectivity that protects your company from the latest cyberattacks begins with threat prevention.

Only Check Point’s Infinity portfolio of products and services provide your remote workers advanced threat prevention, updated in real-time by ThreatCloud threat intelligence, while leveraging a Zero Trust approach to access management.

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Your remote workers are also integrated into the same unified security management system that you use to protect your enterprise data center, cloud, and branch offices.

Protect your remote workers using Check Point’s secure access products and services below:

Practical Tips To Stay Connected and Secure

Implementing Effective Security Measures for Remote Workers

Enable secure connects to the network from anywhere, select appropriate VPN Connection and Device Protections, and tips for Implementing Zero Trust model


Tips for Increasing Productivity and Safety of Remote Workers

Strengthen your passwords, use company computer only for work purposes, and connect to secure, private wireless networks


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Guidelines on How to Use Zoom Safely

The coronavirus crisis has meant that millions of people are staying at home instead of going to work. Up to 50% of employees globally may now be working remotely. Online communications platforms like Zoom have become essential for interactions with the rest of the world. Learn how to avoid cyber attacks when remotely communicating using Zoom.


Coronavirus Impact: Cyber Criminals Target Zoom Domains

During the past few weeks, we have witnessed a major increase in new domain registrations with names including “Zoom”, which has 20% of the video conferencing market. Since the beginning of 2020, more than 1700 new domains were registered and 25% of them were registered in the past week. Out of these registered domains, 4% have been found to contain suspicious characteristics. Learn more about the cyber attacks targeting users of Zoom video conferencing.


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Protection from Hackers and Phishing Attempts

Since the Coronavirus outbreak began, a number of new websites have registered with domain names related to the virus. Here are our recommendations to stay protected:

  • Be cautious of special offers
  • Beware of lookalike domains
  • Ensure that you are visiting the authentic source

Coronavirus-Themed Spam Spreads Dangerous Malware

Cyber-criminals are exploiting the public’s interest in this global epidemic. Watch out for:

  • Malicious email attachments that appear official and relevant to your local situation



Coronavirus Impact: As Retailers Close their Doors, Hackers Open for Business

As the world takes action to contain coronavirus, hackers around the globe are taking advantage of the outbreak by accelerating activities to spread their own infections. It’s important to:

  • Remain cautious and alert
  • Report anything suspicious

Check Point and Partners Give Back

In early March 2020, a cross-functional group of Check Point employees formed The Americas COVID-19 Donation program with a goal to provide financial support to charities on the front lines of the pandemic. To maximize our impact we approached partners asking for matching donations thereby doubling our strength! Collectively, our efforts have led to more than $1M in donations to 80+ organizations and the numbers keep growing.


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A Cyber Pandemic Will Happen.
Learn how to Protect Your Organization.


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