How to Secure Your
Remote Workforce

8 Part Video Guide for Security Admins in the New Normal

Part #1: Cyber Threats to the Remote Workforce in 2020

The first episode introduces the new cyber threats that evolved as a direct result of the rapid, almost immediate, transition of organizations to remote work. We explore the impact of COVID-19 on the threat landscape, and uncover some of the latest stories behind recent attacks that used the pandemic to spread malicious content to users.

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Part #2: 3 Key Principles for Securing the Remote Workforce

The second episode explores the key aspects of securing remote workforces, in order to ensure your organization’s data and employees are completely protected. From prevention first approach to threat intelligence, we cover everything you need to know about remote workforce security, right before we dive in to each cyber front in the episodes to come.

Part #3: 5 Must-Have Endpoint Protections

The third episode covers the top 5 protections you must look for in an endpoint security tool, and what kind of technology and functionality will best suit your organization’s needs, as well as the most recent threats to endpoint devices.

Part #4: 5 Principles to Choosing the Right Endpoint Security

The fourth episode guides you on how to choose the right endpoint security solution for your organization’s needs. From prevention-first approach to cloud-based management, we present tips that will ensure your endpoint devices are in the right hands, and that you choose the right tool for the job.

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Part #5: The New and Dangerous Wave of Mobile Threats

The fifth episode explores the recent rise in the number of mobile attacks and data breaches happening from the mobile endpoint, discovered by Check Point researchers. The group uncovered Coronavirus-related malicious campaigns, sophisticated mobile ransomware attacks, and even Mobile Device Management (MDM) getting weaponized to attack organizations.

Part #6: 5 Principles to Choosing the Right Mobile Security 

The sixth episode focuses on the most important principles for choosing the right tool for your organization’s mobile security. Mobile devices have three key vectors of attack: the operating system and the device, the apps, and the network, so when you look at a mobile security solution there are some key aspects you have to take into consideration. From visibility and UX to the privacy approach, this episode will teach you everything you need to know before you choose your mobile security solution.

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Part #7: What Can a Malicious Email Do?

The seventh episode explores the possible consequences of malicious emails, and how the rapid adoption of cloud mailboxes and productivity applications has changed the rules, creating more opportunities for hackers than ever before. We exposes recent schemes uncovered by our Check Point Research (CPR) group, and take you through one of the most interesting stories we uncovered – the Florentine Banker Group.

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Part #8: 5 Must-Have Protections for Office 365 and G Suite

The eighth and final episode takes you through the 5 must-have protections for Office 365 and G Suite in order to combat the recent rise in phishing, malware, data leak, account takeover and internal threats, which is a direct result of the fast adoption of remote work during the COVID-19 crisis.

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