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Become a SMB Partner and Seize the Opportunity

Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) are a prime target for cybercriminals. SMBs struggle with the expertise, manpower, and IT budget needed to protect against cyber attacks. As a partner, the opportunity is phenomenal. Check Point has made it simple for new partners to ramp up and increase revenues quickly.


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Why You Should Sell Check Point SMB Bundles

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A Unique Market

SMBs are highly unprotected when it comes to cyberattacks; and 54% of attacks on SMBs are successful. It’s time for you to seize this opportunity.

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Our SMB security solutions are easy to install, deploy, and manage with auto-generated policies for advanced threat prevention.

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Easy Onboarding
for Partners

Take our new SMB Jump Start training to become a trusted security advisor in the SMB market and accelerate business.

Your Family of Next Generation Firewalls: Protecting SMBs with 1-500 Employees

Protect Your SMB with Quantum Spark Next-Generation Firewalls

Today’s cyber-landscape is tough for small and midsized businesses. We know SMBs struggle with the expertise, manpower, and IT budget needed to succeed. The Quantum Spark Next Generation Firewalls for SMBs provide protection for businesses with one to 500 employees, and can be easily managed from a web portal and from a mobile app.


Top 3 Cyber Attacks Targeting Small Businesses

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has reported that cybercrime has quadrupled during the COVID-19 pandemic. 54% of attacks on SMBs are successful – resulting in a breach; while the number for larger enterprises is <7%. Learn the anatomy of various threats that are designed to successfully attack SMBs, as well as the necessary steps SMBs can take to protect against these threats.


Quantum Spark - Top 3 Cyber Attacks targeting Small Businesses

Quantum Spark - Top 10 Best Practices for Small Business

Top 10 Security Best Practices for Small Businesses

SMBs need protection against the advanced cyber-attacks and zero-threats that plague the industry today. Discover the industry’s best practices for protecting your business with simple solutions. Learn why SMBs are targeted, various types of threats, how to fight against certain cyber attacks, and why Check Point is best suited to deliver high levels of protection for your organization.


Unlike Larger Enterprises, SMBs are Highly
Undefended When It Comes to Cyberattacks

  • SMBs possess sufficiently valuable information; enough to make it worth an attacker’s time
  • They have less sophisticated security infrastructure and practices
  • Very few have a separate security function, resulting in the difficulty to coordinate resources
  • SMBs have embraced cloud, mobile and SaaS technologies, ultimately increasing their exposure to hackers


Only 25% of SMBs feel they are well prepared for a
cyber-attack on their company

Protecting Your Customer Requires SMB Knowledge

By taking our new SMB Jump Start training you will be able to learn all about our new line of products and how to protect against the
advanced cyber-attacks and zero-threats that plague the industry today.

After completing your training, your company will be granted a SMB specialization!

The option to become a specialized SMB partner is available for all partners who wish to master
Check Point’s SMB Appliances and reap the benefits.

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Discover Check Point Next
Generation SMB Solutions


Become a SMB Partner


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