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Proxeem Secures its Customers’ Websites, Web applications, APIs and datas with Check Point CloudGuard AppSec in the heart of their SaaS solution ProxeeGuard

San Carlos, CA  —  Thu, 07 Oct 2021

Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), a leading provider of cyber security solutions globally, has announced that Proxeem, a provider of hosting, IT project management and web development services, has selected Check Point CloudGuard AppSec for customer security.

Proxeem helps small and medium-sized businesses successfully develop and execute digital business solutions. From cloud hosting, web hosting and security services to consulting, solution selection and design, execution and management, Proxeem helps companies focus on their goals without worrying about infrastructure or security.
Effective security for simple and effective management

As a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), Proxeem needs to protect the applications, content management systems (CMS) and APIs of its customers, which includes companies in software, media, green energy, healthcare and more. Recognizing that everyone has web applications and API connections to different platforms, the Proxeem team needed a way to deploy reliable and affordable security to its customers without the need for extensive customization, specialized expertise or additional staff.

The company partners with reputable and trusted companies to provide best-in-class solutions. In its search for a web application and API security solution, the team chose Check Point CloudGuard AppSec with Automated Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) f to build the ProxeeGuard SaaS WAF solution.

“We chose CloudGuard AppSec for its scalability and ease of use” said David Cancalon, CTO at Proxeem. “Its WAAP capabilities give us state-of-the-art protection against known and unknown cyber-attacks while protecting applications in all cloud environments and on all types of architecture. It makes our job much easier.”
Simplifying the delivery of security services

CloudGuard AppSec fits perfectly with Proxeem’s cloud-based approach to security. With this ProxeeGuard solution, customers get state-of-the-art web protection without having to purchase, install, modify or manage an infrastructure. In short, it’s an affordable and easy-to-implement enterprise-class service for all organizations that exhibit online services.

“CloudGuard AppSec learns how each application is used. The AI profiles users and application content to develop scores for each request. New incoming request are analyzed to assess risk based on user profiles, behavior patterns and typical usage parameters. This approach maintains the highest level of application security and eliminates false positives,” said Xavier Duros, Office of the CTO.

With CloudGuard AppSec, Proxeem can prevent cybercriminals from attacking its customer APIs to expose, take control of or exfiltrate sensitive data. The CloudGuard AppSec engine embedded in ProxeeGuard also defends sites against user defacing and session hijacking. Client-side behavioral analysis distinguishes between human and non-human interactions with applications to defend against automated bot attacks.
Providing meaningful visibility

The Proxeem team also used Check Point’s APIs to develop a dashboard to provide customers with an overview of their security level against cyber attacks.

CloudGuard AppSec requires no management from Proxeem’s customers and very little from the Proxeem team. The configuration of CloudGuard AppSec for a new customer can take up half a day. However, a large part of this time is spent studying the customer’s existing web applications and APIs to ensure proper alignment with needs and context.

“CloudGuard AppSec is an ‘install and forget’ solution,” said David Cancalon. “We don’t need to mobilize valuable team members to monitor the solution. It provides state-of-the-art protection and allows us to focus on new business and customer satisfaction.”

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