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High Tower Software™ OPSEC-Certified on Check Point Next Generation Internet Security Platform

TowerView Security™, Real-Time Event Correlation and Analysis Solution Seamlessly Integrates with Check Point

Aliso Viejo, CA - July 14, 2003 - High Tower Software, Inc., today announced that its TowerView Security product has achieved OPSEC™ (Open Platform for Security) certification from Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), the worldwide leader in securing the Internet. Through OPSEC certification, High Tower Software's TowerView Security seamlessly integrates with Check Point's market-leading VPN-1®/FireWall-1® Next Generation™ software.

TowerView Security analyzes the security event information on a network and provides a simple to understand holistic view of an enterprise's security health in real-time. TowerView Security collects data from enterprise security devices (firewalls, intrusion detection systems, anti-virus software, operating systems, servers, virtual private networks), and does real-time event correlation and analysis on that data. High Tower's sophisticated rule set supports robust, real-time correlation analysis, enabling companies to make sense of their security event data and act on it while it is still meaningful. OPSEC Certification assures that TowerView integrates with Check Point's VPN-1/FireWall-1 Next Generation.

Updates are continuously displayed on TowerView Security's 3D CyberGridÔ, which presents a holistic view of an enterprise's network and physical security. Significant, actionable information stands out from the rest, so that Check Point customers can now recognize important anomalies that should be addressed. This truly real-time approach allows the security analyst to quickly ask and ascertain "what is happening" (versus "what did happen") … in time to act on it, and in time to prevent the compromise of corporate assets.

"Most organizations collect volumes of data from their network devices, but there's a huge delay in making sense of that data," said Theresa Marcroft, VP of Marketing at High Tower Software, Inc. "TowerView Security is designed for those who can't afford to wait for after-the-fact analysis. Our customers want to know about network attacks while they are happening, so they can stop them before damage is done. Simply stated, it's the difference between knowing an intruder is in your home versus knowing someone was in your home," Marcroft said. The software also offers automatic notification of specified alerts via e-mail, pager and phone.

"Real-time event correlation and analysis solutions are necessary ingredients to identify and prevent security breaches," said Upesh Patel, Director of Business Development, at Check Point Software Technologies. "By completing the OPSEC certification, High Tower Security is positioned to provide our joint customers with the necessary tools to correlate and analyze the critical security events, and enable them to take action in securing the network."

About High Tower Software
High Tower Software is a privately held company based in Aliso Viejo, Calif. High Tower Software's award-winning TowerView Security product offers real-time data collection and analysis, and dynamic 3D display capabilities, all in an encrypted communications environment. With advanced technology developed and first used by NASA to analyze and display data from the Voyager, Galileo, and Cassini deep space probes, the TowerView Security suite was designed specifically to handle massive volumes of data in real time. TowerView Security monitors any specified metrics, analyzes for trends or problem conditions, and visually presents a comprehensive view using High Tower's patented CyberGrid technology. For more information, visit www.hightowersecurity.com, or call (949) 330-3080. To request screen shots, call (408) 298-1640.

About Check Point's OPSEC®
OPSEC (Open Platform for Security) is the industry's open, multi-vendor security framework. With over 350 partners, OPSEC guarantees customers the broadest choice of best-of-breed integrated applications and deployment platforms that support Check Point's Secure Virtual Network Architecture. Products that carry the OPSEC Certified seal have been tested to guarantee integration and interoperability. For complete OPSEC Alliance program information, including partner and product listings, the freely available OPSEC SDK (software development kit) and evaluation versions of OPSEC Certified products, visit http://www.opsec.com.