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Public and Private Cloud Security

The wide adoption of cloud architectures—whether public, private or hybrid—is being driven by the desire to transform businesses for greater efficiency, speed, agility and cost controls. While the cloud offers many advantages over traditional infrastructure it also exposes your company to whole new set of security challenges. Check Point offers a complete public and private cloud security portfolio that seamlessly extends security protections to any cloud environment, so you can be as confident about the cloud as you are about your physical environment.

Advanced Security for SDDC video Advanced Security for SDDC video

Public cloud security challenges

When you move computing resources and data to public clouds, security responsibilities become shared between you and your cloud provider. The loss of control moving applications and data out of the enterprise to a cloud provider—such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure—along with the lack of consistent monitoring and governance of those resources creates a variety of new security challenges. This is especially true due the anonymous, multi-tenant nature of the public cloud.

At the same time, many organizations are deploying hybrid clouds for better control and protection of sensitive assets, while outsourcing non-critical workloads to public clouds. The increased use of hybrid and public cloud services has driven more and more data to areas traditional security does not reach. As a result, protection of that data as it moves back and forth from the enterprise to public and hybrid cloud networks becomes a key challenge.

Check Point vSEC delivers advanced threat protection and single pane of glass management for easily extending security to protect your data and assets in public and hybrid cloud environments.

Image: 53% of respondents identified data loss and data privacy as their top cloud challenges Source: KPMG Cloud Survey Report 2014

Private cloud security challenges

As enterprises adopt software-defined networking and private cloud architectures, the increased agility and efficiency has been a boon to the business, but has led to dramatic increases in network traffic going east-west within the data center. This shift in traffic patterns introduces new security challenges. With few controls to secure east-west traffic, threats can travel unimpeded once inside the data center. What’s more, traditional security controls cannot keep pace with the dynamic nature of virtual environments where applications are constantly provisioned in and out.

Check Point vSEC seamlessly delivers advanced threat protections to private cloud infrastructure and provides the visibility and control to effectively manage security in both physical and virtual environments–all from a single unified management solution.

How We Can Help

Public cloud security solutions

  • Quickly enable vSEC cloud security from hosting provider market places
  • Deploy advanced security protections to safeguard all your cloud assets and data, including firewall, IPS, antivirus, anti-bot, VPN, sandboxing and more
  • Easily manage cloud and on-premise infrastructure with Check Point Unified Management solutions

Private cloud security solutions

  • Advanced threat prevention security for east-west traffic seamlessly enforced inside the virtual infrastructure
  • Comprehensive threat visibility, monitoring and logging across both virtual and physical environments
  • Agile provisioning and scalability of security adjusts to dynamic network changes
  • Context aware security policies that leverage security groups, objects and tags defined in the virtual network

Virtual data center

  • Seamless integration with leading cloud management platforms
  • Prevent lateral threat movement between applications inside the virtual data center
  • Unified security management, threat visibility and reporting across virtual and physical data center environments