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41000 and 61000 Security Systems

The Check Point 41000 and 61000 Security Systems were designed to excel in demanding large data center and telco environments. The multi-bladed, chassis-based security systems scale from 3,200 to 33,000 SPU to support the dynamic needs of growing networks while offering high reliability and performance.


Secures high-demand networks

  • Delivers unbeatable security performance from 40 to 120 Gbps of real-world throughput
  • Customers can add modules, boosting performance even when those systems are in production
  • Protects the most complex networks by supporting dynamic routing protocols

Increases business continuity

  • Increases reliability with redundant hot-swappable components
  • Increases availability and load sharing with ClusterXL
  • Ensures optimal system synchronization and performance with SyncXL

Enhances and extends security as needed with an extensible platform

  • Makes it easy to add Security Gateway Modules for more security or higher performance
  • Accommodates any Software Blades to enhance security protections
  • Provides high port density and high speed connectivity options with Security Switch module


Breakthrough security performance

The 41000 and 61000 Security Systems employ a highly flexible and modular system architecture that significantly boosts security and performance.

The 41000 Security System:

  • Starts at 3,200 SecurityPower Units, with 1 Security Gateway Module (SGM)
  • Scales to 11,000 SPUs with 4 SGMs

The 61000 Security System:

  • Scales easily from 2 to 12 SGMs
  • Delivers up to 33,000 total SecurityPower Units, 400 Gbps of firewall throughput, and up to 130 Gbps IPS protection when fully loaded with 12 SGM260s

Reliability and high serviceability

We designed both systems to meet the uncompromising high availability and serviceability standards of modern data centers and telcos.

  • Hot-swappable redundant power supplies, hard disk drives and fans
  • Carrier-grade availability and serviceability in a rugged rack-mount chassis
  • Redundant Chassis Management Modules continuously check and monitor chassis health, including fans, power supplies and SGMs

Integrated with extensible Software Blade Architecture

Each 41000 and 61000 Security System is packaged with a group of preselected Check Point Software Blades—including Firewall, IPsec VPN, Identity Awareness, Advanced Networking, and Acceleration and Clustering. Additional Software Blade upgrades are available to further extend and customize protection options.

The Check Point Software Blade architecture is the first and only security architecture that delivers complete, flexible and manageable security to companies of any size. With unprecedented flexibility and expandability, Software Blades deliver lower cost of ownership and cost-efficient protection that meet any need, today and in the future.

Full integration into the modular Software Blade Architecture allows for rapid and easy activation on any Check Point security gateway and to provide integrated and comprehensive protection.

High network capacity

These systems are designed to flexibly scale and support the needs of large, dynamic networks.

The 41000 Security System:

  • Compact 6u chassis offering
  • Up to 4xSGM260, 2xSSM160
  • Up to 80 million concurrent connections at 1.1 million connections per second

The 61000 Security System:

  • Maximum chassis configuration of 10xSGM260 and 4xSSM160
  • Supports up to 60 x 10GbE SFP + ports and up to 8 x 40GBase-QSFP ports
  • Supports up to 210 million concurrent connections and 3 million sessions per second

Carrier grade

The Check Point 41000 and 61000 Security Systems meet the stringent operating conditions required by telecommunications companies.

  • ATCA-compliant architecture
  • Compatible with NEBS Level 3 standards
  • Secures IPv4 and IPv6 networks utilizing Check Point Acceleration and Clustering technology
  • Supports dynamic routing protocols such as RIP, OSPF, BGP, PIM (spares and dense mode) and IGMP

Fast deployment and centralized management

Using the available local management console and intuitive configuration wizard, the entire system can be deployed in less than 30 minutes. For secure and centralized administration anywhere in the network, these systems also work with the Check Point Security Management Software Blades.

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Production Performance (Real-World Traffic Blend)1

3200 to 11000

3200 to 33000

Firewall Throughput (Gbps)

Up to 40

Up to 120

IPS Throughput (Gbps)

Up to 44

Up to 130

Ideal Testing Conditions Performance (RFC 3511, 2544, 2647, 1242)
Firewall, 1518 byte UDP (Gbps)

Up to 80

Up to 400

Connections per Second (M)

Up to 1.1

Up to 3

Concurrent Connections (M)2

Up to 80

Up to 210

VPN AES-128 Throughput (Gbps)

Up to 40

Up to 110

IPS Throughput (Gbps)

Up to 44

Up to 130

Virtual Systems
VS Supported

Up to 250

Up to 250

1 Assumes maximum production throughput with real-world traffic blend, a typical rule-base size, NAT and logging enabled and the most secure threat prevention protection
2 Performance measured with default/maximum memory



Network Specifications
10GBase-F SFP+ Ports

Up to 30

Up to 60

40GBase-F QSFP  Ports

Up to 4

Up to 8

Additional Features
Expansion Slots



Security Switch Modules

1 to 2

2 to 4

Security Gateway Modules

1 to 4

2 to 12

Out-of-band Management

Includes 2 Chassis Management Modules (CMM)

Software Blade

Gateway Mode

Virtual System Mode



Identity Awareness

Advanced Networking & Clustering


Application Control

URL Filtering



SandBlast Threat Emulation


Mobile Access

✔ - Supported
✘ - Not Supported