All the Endpoint Protection You Need

Today more than ever, endpoint security plays a critical role in enabling your remote workforce.

SandBlast Agent provides comprehensive endpoint protection at the highest security level, crucial to avoid security breaches and data compromise.

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SandBlast Agent

A complete endpoint security solution built to protect organizations and the remote workforce from today’s complex threat landscape

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Complete Endpoint Protection

Preventing the most imminent threats to the endpoint

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Automating 90% of attack detection, investigation, and remediation tasks

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Total Cost of Ownership

A single, efficient and cost-effective solution, fully flexible to meet your security and compliance requirements

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Shipping Logistics Leader IMC Deploys Check Point SandBlast Agent to Safeguard Supply Chain Data

“The biggest advantage to using Check Point SandBlast Agent is that we don’t need to worry about ransomware attacks on our environment. It provides total peace of mind, and you can’t put a price tag on that. We know it will be there, and that our data will remain safe”

– David Ulloa, Chief Information Security Officer, IMC Companies

Alrov Luxury Hotels protects against cyber threats with Check Point to ensure flawless guest experience

“We tested 30 endpoint servers by injecting malware to test the level of protection. SandBlast Agent detected and blocked every single one.”

– Moshe Revivo, CTO, Alrov Luxury Hotels

Mississippi Secretary of State Gains End to End Advanced Threat Protection for Its Data

“Since we deployed SandBlast Agent, we have not had a single advanced malware or ransomware incident in almost a year.”

– Russell Walker, Chief Technology Officer, Mississippi Secretary of State

Complete Endpoint Protection

Preventing the most imminent threats to the endpoint

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SandBlast Agent identifies ransomware behaviors such as file-encryption or attempts to compromise operating system backups, and safely restores ransomware-encrypted files automatically.


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Zero-Phishing® technology identifies and blocks the use of phishing sites in real time. Sites are inspected and if found malicious, the user is blocked from entering credentials.

Zero-phishing also protects against previously unknown phishing sites.


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Block malware coming from web browsing or email attachments, before it reaches the endpoint, without impacting user productivity.

Endpoint Behavioral Guard identifies malware families, file-less attacks, and other generic malicious behavior.


Preventing credential theft and corporate credential re-use.


Every file received via email or downloaded by a user through a web browser is sent to the Threat Emulation sandbox to inspect for malware.

Files are also sanitized using a Threat Extraction process (Content Disarm & Reconstruction technology) to deliver sanitized content in milliseconds.


5 Must-Have Endpoint Protections

What are the top 5 protections you must look for in an endpoint security tool, and what kind of technology and functionality will
best suit your organization’s needs.

Fastest Recovery

Automating 90% of attack detection, investigation, and remediation tasks

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The only endpoint protection solution that automatically contains and completely remediates the entire cyber kill chain with full recovery.

Auto-Generated Forensic Reports screenshot

Detailed visibility into infected assets, attack flow (“The story behind the events”), correlation with the MITRE ATT&CK™ Framework, contextualized insights and mitigation steps.



SandBlast Agent’s Threat Hunting solution provides the ability to create or use predefined queries to identify and drill down into suspicious incidents, and take remediation actions


SandBlast Agent’s MITRE ATT&CK™ Threat Hunting dashboard helps fully unveil, hunt and investigate incidents

Best TCO

Single, efficient and cost-effective solution

Unified agent for EPP, EDR, VPN, NGAV, data and web-browsing protection to help organizations streamline processes and reduce TCO
Full flexibility to meet your specific security and compliance requirements
  • Simply deployed and managed via cloud-based console
  • Available as an on-premises or cloud-based solution
  • Windows, macOS & Linux support

Part of Check Point Infinity architecture that delivers consistent security across networks, clouds, endpoints, mobile devices, and IoT

SandBlast Agent Options and Specifications

Reduce Attack Surface
  • Host Firewall
  • Application Control
  • Compliance
NGAV: Prevent Attacks Before They Run
  • Anti-Malware
  • ML based NGAV
NGAV: Runtime Detection and Protection
  • Anti-Ransomware
  • Behavioral Guard
  • Anti-Bot
  • Anti-Exploit
Web Protection
  • Zero-day Phishing site protection
  • Corporate Password Reuse Protection
  • URL Filtering
  • Malicious site protection
Attack Investigation and Response
  • Forensics collection and detection
  • Forensics report - incident visibility, MITRE mapping
  • Automated attack chain full sterilization
  • Ransomware encrypted files restoration
  • Threat Hunting
VPN Access
  • Remote Access VPN
Threat Intelligence
  • Powered by ThreatCloud™
  • Automated IoC and IoA cloud sharing
Centralized Management
  • Cloud Management
  • On-Prem Management *
  • Standard Pro Support (5*9)

Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) across email and web
  • Threat Emulation (sandBox)
  • Threat Extraction (Sanitizes files in 1.5 seconds)
Data Protection
  • Host Encryption
  • Media encryption and port protection
✓ **
Mobile Protection
  • iOS Protection
  • Android Protection
+ +
Incident Response Service

+ + +
* SandBlast Agent on-premises Server is at additional cost
** Port protection is available also in Basic and Advanced

5 Principles to Choosing the Right Endpoint Security

From prevention-first approach to cloud-based management, we present tips that will ensure your endpoint devices are in the right hands, and that you choose the right tool for the job. 

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