Advanced Endpoint Protection and Threat Prevention

Today, borderless networks are redefining endpoint protection. Desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and IoT devices are freely accessing networks and as a result, they’re more likely to store sensitive corporate data. To protect your organization from malware, ransomware, data breaches, phishing, exploits, and other cyberattacks, Check Point offers SandBlast Agent, an advanced endpoint protection and threat prevention solution.

SandBlast Agent

SandBlast Agent named top endpoint protection solution by AV-TEST

Prevent Evasive Attacks

SandBlast Agent proactively protects you against unknown and zero-day malware, ransomware, and exploits.

Intercept at Threats Runtime

Let SandBlast Agent detect, prevent, and remediate threats in runtime through our behavioral analysis and forensic insights.

Contain and Remediate

SandBlast Agent eliminates harmful malware attacks with effective detection, quarantine, and containment to contain and remediate threats.

SandBlast Agent earns NSS "Recommended" status in Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) test

This marks our 18th overall NSS recommended rating since 2010. AEP Test Highlights:
  • 100% HTTP block rate
  • 100% Email block rate
  • 100% Offline threats block rate
  • 100% Evasions block rate
  • 0% False positives

How SandBlast Agent works

Prevent, protect and quickly respond to advanced attacks on endpoint devices. SandBlast Agent offers:

  • Endpoint protection against zero-day and ransomware and other advanced threats
  • File protection by sending malware to an evasion-resistant virtual sandbox
  • Anti-bot identifies and isolates infected hosts
  • Advanced forensics recording and analysis gives comprehensive attack information
  • Actionable incident report analysis
  • Detection and remediation of fileless malware

SandBlast Agent Features

SandBlast Agent Complete Endpoint Security Solution

Complete endpoint protection with advanced endpoint threat prevention capabilities.

Comprehensive security to prevent, detect, and remediate evasive malware attacks.

SandBlast Agent Threat Emulation
Threat Emulation

Evasion-resistant sandbox technology detects malicious behavior and prevents potential attacks

SandBlast Agent Threat Extraction
Threat Extraction

Reconstructs downloaded files, delivering clean, risk-free files to users in real time

SandBlast Agent Anti-Ransomware

Detects and quarantines the most evasive ransomware variants

SandBlast Agent Zero-Phishing

Blocks deceptive phishing sites and alerts on password reuse in real time

SandBlast Agent Anti-Bot

Detects, contains, and remediates infected hosts

SandBlast Agent Forensics

Records and analyzes all endpoint events to provide actionable attack forensic report

SandBlast Agent Anti-Exploit

Protects and prevents vulnerable applications and systems from exploit attacks

SandBlast Agent Behavioral Guard
Behavioral Guard

Prevents, detects, and remediates even the most evasive attacks

Feature comparison with SandBlast Agent products

Forrester Research Names Check Point a Leader in Endpoint Security Suites

“The anti-ransomware blade is an amazing piece of technology. Not only does it protect you from ransomware but it doesn’t rely on signatures to do it. That means that even if you lose your internet connection you are still protected from unknown variants”

-Russell Walker, Chief Technology Officer, Mississippi Secretary of State.

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