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Check Point Anti-Spam & Email Security provides comprehensive protection for messaging infrastructure. A multidimensional approach protects email infrastructure, provides highly accurate anti-spam coverage and defends organizations from a wide variety of virus and malware threats delivered within email.


Comprehensive email security; 97% spam detection

  • Advanced anti-spam protection, including content-based and via IP reputation
  • Offers antivirus protection with both zero-hour and signature-based detection
  • Email IPS protection against Denial of Service (DoS), buffer over-flow attacks

Simplified configuration and management of mail security

  • Simple configuration with low management-overhead
  • Full user control with no user installation required
  • Real-time detection and updates provide immediate protection from outbreaks

Integrated into the Check Point Infinity Architecture

  • Activate Anti-Spam and Email Security on any Check Point Security Gateway
  • Save time and reduce costs by quickly expanding security protection to meet changing requirements


IP Reputation Anti-Spam

Checkpoint Anti-Spam and Email Security blocks spam and malware at the connection level by checking the sender’s reputation against a dynamic database of known malicious IP addresses.

Check Point’s unique IP reputation service checks each email connection request against a comprehensive database of IP addresses to determine whether a sender is legitimate or a known sender of spam and malware. If a sender is identified as undesirable, Anti-Spam & Email Security simply drops the connection before a message is even accepted. This layer drops around 70 percent of incoming spam and malicious email without the need for further inspection. The dynamic database of IP addresses is refreshed regularly to ensure that IP addresses no longer exhibiting bad behavior are not blocked indefinitely.

Block/Allow List Anti-Spam

Anti-Spam & Email Security utilizes block or allow lists to deny obvious email offenders and allow trusted senders.

Administrators can easily create a list of IP addresses or domains that they would like to either always block or always allow. This method provides an added layer of granularity and ensures that trusted sources are explicitly allowed and unwanted sources are explicitly denied access. The number of blocked IP addresses and domains appears in the summary section for the Block/Allow list in the Messaging Security management tab.

Zero-hour Outbreak Protection

Zero-hour outbreak protection defends against new spam and malware outbreaks by using and distributing an analysis engine.

To address newly developing outbreaks, Anti-Spam & Email Security includes the Check Point unique zero-hour outbreak protection. By analyzing large amounts of messages on a global level, outbreaks are identified along with their corresponding messages. These message patterns are then flagged as malicious, giving Anti-Spam & Email Security the most current information about a given attack. With this information, outbreaks are blocked before a signature may be available, protecting your network in the critical early period of attack development.

Integrated into the Check Point Infinity Architecture

Anti-Spam & Email Security is integrated into the Check Point Infinity Architecture. It can be easily and rapidly activated on existing Check Point Security Gateways and open server platforms, saving time and reducing costs by leveraging existing security infrastructure.

Content-Based Anti-Spam

Anti-Spam & Email Security protects against advanced forms of spam, including image-based and foreign-language spam, using pattern-based detection.

Pattern-based anti-spam uses a proprietary algorithm to create unique fingerprint-like signatures of email messages. When a message comes in, its pattern is calculated and checked against a database to determine if the message matches a known email pattern. This approach provides content agnostic protection and effectively blocks spam without looking at any of the actual message content. This makes Anti-Spam & Email Security highly effective against advanced forms of spam that utilize multiple languages, complex images, or slices of images.

Mail Antivirus

Mail antivirus protects against a wide range of viruses and malware and includes scans of message content and attachments.

Beyond blocking many attacks at a sender level, Anti-Spam & Email Security includes a highly-rated antivirus engine that scans POP3 and SMTP mail protocols. This layer of protection blocks a wide range of known virus and malware attacks, and is at the core of the antivirus defense.

Email IPS Protection

Protects against a broad range of threats, including Denial of Service (DoS) and buffer over-flow attacks that target the messaging infrastructure itself.

Anti-Spam & Email Security utilizes Email IPS to effectively stop attacks targeting the messaging infrastructure. Such attacks aim to gain access to the protected network, bring down a piece of the messaging infrastructure, or utilize the messaging infrastructure as a resource for launching new attacks. Anti-Spam & Email Security defends against a broad range of specific attacks such as DoS and buffer overflows.

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