Branch Cloud Security:
Securely Connect your Branch
to the Cloud

Connecting branches directly to the cloud significantly increases security risks. Branches need branch cloud security to protect themselves against sophisticated Gen V cyber attacks.

Check Point CloudGuard Connect transforms branch cloud security by delivering enterprise grade security to branches as a cloud service, with top-rated threat prevention, quick and easy deployment, and unified management saving up to 40% in OpEx.

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Cloud Network Security as a Service

Transforms Branch Cloud Security with Top-Rated Threat Prevention, Easy
Deployment, and a Unified Threat Management platform to reduce operational
expenses up to 40%.

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Top-rated threat prevention
with 100% cyber attack
catch rate

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Five-minutes to protect
your branch security in
the Cloud or on-premise

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Unified security architecture
reduces OpEx costs up to 40%
and CapEx by 20%

Microsoft Azure and CloudGuard Connect Secured Virtual Hub diagram

Protect Azure Virtual Networks and Branch Offices

CloudGuard Connect, a Trusted Security Partner in Azure
Firewall Manager, protects globally distributed branch office locations or virtual networks with advanced threat prevention.
With a simple configuration in Azure Firewall Manager, you
can route branch hub and virtual network connections to the
Internet through CloudGuard Connect.

Protect your Branch Office Cloud Connections from Cyber Attacks

Learn how to protect your branch office internet connections with top-rated threat prevention, branch cloud security, OpEx savings up to 40%, and flexibility to deploy security in minutes in the cloud or on-premise.

Always Up to Date Branch Cloud Security for Branch Offices

CloudGuard Connect screenshot: Threat Prevention for Branch Offices
  • Prevent Zero-Day threats with Sandboxing
  • Enforce safe Internet use with Application Control and URL Filtering
  • Prevent bot access to Command and Control servers
  • Inspect encrypted HTTPS channels to prevent threats
  • Set policy for thousands of sites and monitor for threats in a single console

Advanced Threat Prevention
For Branch Offices

  • Continuously up to date with the latest Threat
  • Top-rated Threat Prevention
  • Protects from the latest Zero-Day and Gen V
    cyber attacks
  • Leverages real-time Threat Intelligence
  • Connected threat ecosystem prevents threats
    attacking networks, mobile users and cloud
CloudGuard Connect: ThreatCloud Diagram with Real-Time Updates

Elastic and Scalable Cloud-Native

CloudGuard Connect: Cloud-Native Architecture Diagram
  • Ensure privacy with GRE or IPsec tunnels
  • Ensure connectivity with secure redundant communication links
  • APIs automate on-boarding new branch locations
  • Cloud-hosted, so there is no hardware to maintain
  • Completely transparent software and security updates  

Unified with On-Premise R80 Data Center Management

  • Out of the box security profile and easy to use web based management
  • R80 integration enables central management of security policy across all locations
  • Unified view of threat landscape and security policy from one single console
  • Real-time updates on the latest Zero-Day and Gen V cyber attacks through ThreatCloud
  • Unified with Check Point Infinity reducing operational expenses up to 40%
CloudGuard Connect: R80.30 Central Management

Check Point and Leading SD-WAN Partners
Secure Branch SD-WAN Connections to the Cloud

Seamless integration with SD-WAN partners makes adding security easy!

Automated Orchestrations Enables Setup in 5 Minutes
  • Cloud native design provides elasticity and
  • Secure, robust API automates branch office
  • Register once to set up a secure connection to
    CloudGuard Connect
  • Use geo-location services to find a near-by site
  • Create redundant GRE or IPsec tunnels
  • Monitor site connection status
Automated Orchestrations Enables Setup in 5 Minutes
Comprehensive Threat Prevention
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