Capsule Cloud

Your employees expect to do their work whenever and wherever it’s convenient, but their use of laptops and online behaviors can put your corporate network at risk. Check Point Capsule Cloud solves this security dilemma by using a cloud based mobile security container to enforce your in-network security policy on laptops used outside of the corporate network.


Extends corporate security policy to laptops

  • Enforces a single security policy to both on- and off-premises laptops
  • Protects users outside the enterprise security perimeter
  • Protects Windows and Mac laptops

Prevents risk from viruses, bots, and malicious files and websites

  • Delivers the protection of Check Point Software Blades using a cloud-based service
  • Leverages real-time protection against threats with ThreatCloud


Extend corporate security policies to laptops

With Check Point Capsule’s cloud based mobile security container, you will easily enforce your internal security policies on laptops and remote offices, wherever they are. Policy management couldn’t be easier: simply add a network object for the cloud to the relevant policy rule. Once the policy is implemented, it will automatically propagate to all on-premises gateways and to the cloud.

  • Ensures every network user and device is in compliance

Prevent access to malicious files, websites and bot damages

With Check Point Capsule, you will leverage protections from all your Check Point Software Blades as a cloud-based service, meaning you can protect more users with your existing security investments. Remote offices can connect their local appliance to the cloud, extending corporate security without the need to deploy additional hardware.

  • Prevents malicious downloads, restricts access to high-risk websites and freezes out damaging bot communications using up-to-date threat protection
  • Propagates new threat signatures across all Check Point connected gateways using Check Point ThreatCloud

Protect users outside the enterprise security perimeter

Let your employees do the work they want to do, wherever they go.

  • Protects laptops whether they run on Windows or Mac
  • Scans both inbound and outbound traffic to ensure it is safe for use

Maintain full visibility with a single, integrated management platform

With Check Point Security Management built in, you will have an easy-to-use management interface that integrates seamlessly with your other Check Point deployments. And you can use it anywhere.

  • Uses an intuitive web user interface; use from any browser, without extra licensing or installation hassles
  • Consolidates all logs for full, centralized visibility and management

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Provided Technologies
  • IPS
  • Application Control
  • URL Filtering
  • Antivirus
  • Anti-Bot
  • Threat Emulation
  • VPN (IPSec)
Client Platform Support
  • Windows
  • Mac
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