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Security Automated Everywhere

Check Point CloudGuard provides unified cloud native security for all your assets and workloads, giving you the confidence to automate security, prevent threats, and manage posture – everywhere – across your multi-cloud environment.


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Security and Posture Management

Threat prevention and high fidelity posture management

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Multi-cloud security from DevOps to production

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Unified Security for

Visibility, intelligence, and threat
prevention under one platform

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Unified Cloud Native Security, Automated Everywhere

Check Point CloudGuard provides cloud native security for all your assets and workloads, across multi-clouds, allowing you to automate security everywhere, with unified threat prevention and posture management. The only solution that provides context to secure your cloud with confidence.


Automate Multi-Cloud Security

See how seamlessly Check Point CloudGuard can help you unify security for your multi-cloud environments and enhance your network security, posture management, application security, and centralize visibility- all in one platform.



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Compliance and Security Rules

Cloud Native Security Strategies

Modern cloud deployments are tremendously complex and typically span multiple clouds. While public cloud providers dedicate extensive efforts to security, customers retain responsibilities on how they use those services which is a challenge when scaling to the cloud.

Learn how a unified cloud native security strategy can help automate security and optimize modern cloud deployments.

Featured Capabilities

Unified Security for Multi Cloud

  • Unified security architecture: providing intelligent threat prevention, from on premise to the cloud, through the Check Point Infinity unified security platform.
  • Unified hybrid cloud security: securely protect and prevent threats across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Cisco ACI, VMWare NSX, Ali, and Oracle.
  • Unified visibility across assets: offering a centralized visualization for all of your cloud traffic, security alerts, assets along with auto-remediation.
Unified Security for Cloud Native

Automated DevSecOps

  • Shift-Left with automation: provide DevOps with toolsets to evaluate security posture, configuration guidance, alerts, and governance during CI/CD.
  • Scale and deploy your security in real-time: seamlessly integrate protections and controls into your CI/CD tools, like CloudFormation and Terraform, and evaluate security posture pre-deployment and scale across hundreds of thousands of cloud assets.
  • Intelligent adaptive security controls: automatically profile and define application behavior, and enforce zero trust boundaries between cloud workloads (e.g. containers and serverless).
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Security and Posture Management

  • Cloud native multi-layer protection: deliver zero trust, advanced threat prevention with workload protection, including security hardening, runtime code analysis, Web and API security.
  • Most comprehensive compliance engine: prevent critical cloud security misconfigurations and keep up with evolving posture management security and compliance best practices, including auto-remediation.
  • High Fidelity Posture Management (HFPM): comply with regulatory and industry standards, such as HIPAA, CIS BENCHMARKS, NIST CSF/800-53, PCI-DSS, with the most contextual cloud security across, 300+ native cloud services.
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Cloud Security Capabilities

Cloud Network Security  

Cloud Network

Automated and elastic public cloud network security to keep assets and data protected while staying aligned to the dynamic needs of public cloud environments.
Cloud Security Posture Management

Cloud Security Posture Management

Visualize and assess security posture, detect misconfigurations, model and actively enforce security best practices, and protect against identity theft and data loss in the cloud.
Cloud Intelligence and Threat Hunting

Cloud Intelligence and
Threat Hunting

Advanced security intelligence, including cloud intrusion detection, network traffic visualization, and cloud security monitoring and analytics.

Cloud Workload Protection

Cloud Workload

Provides seamless vulnerability assessment, and delivers full protection of modern cloud workloads, including serverless functions and containers, from code to runtime – automating security with minimal overhead.


Application Security

Learn more about how to automate application security with automated, cloud native, web application, and API protection.


Explore popular DevSecOps use cases and learn how to seamlessly automate security through the entire application lifecycle.

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Explore Popular DevSecOps Use Cases

Take your security to the next level to seamlessly automate security
through the entire application lifecycle.

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