CloudGuard Dome9

CloudGuard Dome9 is a comprehensive software platform for public cloud security and compliance orchestration. Using Dome9, organizations can visualize and assess their security posture, detect misconfigurations, model and actively enforce security best practices, and protect against identity theft and data loss in the cloud. Dome9 delivers security capabilities across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

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CloudGuard Dome9 enables DevSecOps

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Cloud Security Operations

Visualize your security posture and enforce gold standard policies across accounts, projects, regions and virtual networks

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Compliance and Governance

Ensure that your public cloud infrastructure conforms to regulatory compliance requirements and security best practices at all times

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Protect against identity theft by enforcing just-in-time privilege elevation for your most sensitive operations in the public cloud

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Posture Management

Continuous posture management to secure cloud native container and serverless applications automatically from development through runtime

Public Cloud Security Intelligence​

Accelerate intrusion detection and enhance threat investigation in the public cloud with contextual intelligence

Cloud Agnostic Policy Automation

Public cloud security is a shared responsibility between the cloud service providers and their customers. The leading public cloud services offer powerful capabilities and controls to help organizations manage security in their cloud environments. However, it is up to the customers to use the tools available to them. This can be challenging, especially as environments scale to multiple accounts and hundreds of VPCs.

Dome9 simplifies public cloud security. The Dome9 service integrates with AWS, Azure and GCP natively through their API and provides cloud-agnostic policy orchestration on top of the native controls. This allows customers to visualize and enforce their security posture consistently across these public cloud services. In effect, Dome9 is a force multiplier to the public cloud.

Dome9 Arc Architecture
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“We leverage Dome9 to protect our growing and distributed cloud based file storage environment. Dome9 provides us improved access controls through on-demand dynamic access leasing and improved security and compliance through detailed auditing and alerting.”

-Manny Landron, Senior Manager, Security and Compliance, Citrix

Introducing CloudGuard Dome9

Dome9 Cloud Security Operations

Cloud Security Operations

Visualize your security posture and enforce gold standard policies across accounts, regions, virtual networks, and workloads.

Dome9 Compliance and Governance

Compliance and Governance

Track, manage and report on compliance posture.

Dome9 Privilege Access Management

Privileged Identity Protection

Protect against compromised credentials and identity theft.


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Cloud Security Analytics

Accelerate intrusion detection in the public cloud.

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