Cyber Security Management

R80.10 features centralized management control across all networks and cloud environments, increasing operational efficiency and lowering the complexity of managing your security.

Consolidated Security

Unified Policy & Single Console.
All access points are now controlled in one place

Real-Time Forensics &
Threat Analysis

Correlation of millions of logs to identify significant events easily and understand your security status and trends


R80.10 lowers the complexity of managing security by consolidating all management elements into a single console

Your Security is Only as Strong as Your Ability to Manage It

98% of the cyber security industry experienced a significant cyber threat in the past three years

58% took more than 24 hours to
start remediation of the threat

Only 23% say their security teams are fully up-to-date

Step Up to
Cyber Security

* Source: Operational Efficiency Report, Dimensional Research

Feature Specifications

“The ability to combine all the security features we need in a single product for protection and management was decisive.”

-Enrique Reina, Head of IT, University of Navarre Technology Campus in San Sebastián

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