Cyber Security Management

R80.30 Cyber Security Management features centralized management control across all networks and cloud environments, increasing operational efficiency and lowering the complexity of managing your security.

R80.30 Cyber Security Management
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Superior Security

Unified policy, single console, operational efficiency. All access points are now controlled in one place

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Real-Time Forensics &
Threat Analysis

Correlation of millions of logs to identify significant events easily and understand your security status and trends

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SSL Inspection

New transport layer security patent-pending technologies delivering the power to inspect SSL-encrypted network traffic

Your Security is Only as Strong as Your Ability to Manage It

98 Percent Optimized

98% of the cyber security industry experienced a significant cyber threat in the past three years

58 Percent Optimized

58% took more than 24 hours to
start remediation of the threat

23 Percent Optimized

Only 23% say their security teams are fully up-to-date

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Cyber Security

* Source: Operational Efficiency Report, Dimensional Research

Feature Specifications

Item #2
Cyber Attack Dashboard

Respond to security incidents immediately with a single view into security risks. Find, prevent and stop threats with real-time forensic and event investigation

Cyber Attack Dashboard
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Item #3
Threat Extraction for Web
Threat Extraction for Web

Threat Extraction now proactively protects against threats contained in Web downloaded documents

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Item #4
SmartConsole Extensions

Add third-party tools as panels and views inside the Check Point SmartConsole

R80 Consolidated Security
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Real-Time Forensics

SmartEvent correlates logs from all Check Point enforcement points, including endpoints, to identify suspicious activity, track trends and investigate/mitigate events

R80 Real-Time Forensics
R80 Malware DNA
Malware DNA

Accelerates the ability to identify and block zero-day threats before they can cause any damage

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Cyber Security: Gateways and Management

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