Data Loss Prevention

Check Point Data Loss Prevention (DLP) pre-emptively protects your business from unintentional loss of valuable and sensitive information.

Monitor data movement and empower your employees to work with confidence, while staying compliant with regulations and industry standards.

Track Data

Tracks and controls any type or format of sensitive information in motion, such as e-mail, web browsing and file sharing services.

Pre-emptive Data
Loss Prevention

Educates and alerts end-users on proper data handling without involving IT/security teams, and allows for real-time user remediation.

Easy to Deploy
and Manage

Centrally managed across your entire IT infrastructure from a single console. Leverages out-of-the-box best practice policies.

Product Specifications

SSL/TLS Inspection

Check Point DLP scans and secures SSL/TLS
encrypted traffic passing through
the gateway, keeping you secure while not
compromising on performance.

SSL/TLS Inspection
Check Point Infinity Architecture
Part of the Check Point
Infinity Architecture

DLP is integrated into the Check Point
Infinity Architecture. It can be easily and
rapidly activated on existing Check Point
Security Gateways saving time and reducing
costs by leveraging existing security

Prevent Data Loss
from a Single Console

Centrally manage a single Data Loss
Prevention (DLP) policy across your entire IT
environment, along with the rest of your
policies. Gain full visibility and control over
your sensitive data, track all DLP events, and
mitigate incidents in real-time.

Prevent Data Loss from a Single Console
“With Check Point Data Loss Prevention (DLP) we can now monitor incoming and outgoing traffic for the first time.”
-Christoph Andreas, IT Systems & Support Team Leader, Optimal Media

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