SandBlast Agent

As threats evolve, best practices dictate that organizations prevent attacks at every level, and respond quickly to limit damages. SandBlast Agent defends endpoints with a complete set of advanced endpoint protection technologies, both on premise and remote. Forensic analysis accelerates understanding of the full attack, to maximize response team productivity.


Protect endpoints from today’s most sophisticated attacks and zero-day threats

  • Leverage Check Point’s state-of-the-art protection directly on the endpoint to detect and block attacks from email, removable media and web-based threats such as spear phishing and watering holes
  • Proactive threat prevention quickly delivers safe, sanitized versions of common document formats to maintain uninterrupted business flow
  • Non-intrusive, low-overhead deployment utilizes SandBlast remote sandbox with the highest malware catch rate resulting in minimal impact on local performance and full compatibility with installed applications

Neutralize the impact of malware infections contracted through unprotected channels, minimizing potential damages

  • Detect and block command and control communications, even when working remotely
  • Stop data exfiltration to prevent disclosure of sensitive information, and quarantine infected systems to limit spread of malware
  • Get unparalleled visibility into specific endpoint and processes to enable faster recovery post-infection

Enable deep understanding of security events for faster response

  • Actionable forensics continuously collects data on user systems to reveal a comprehensive view of the attack flow
  • Correlate network events with endpoint attack details to improve overall security posture
  • Accelerate remediation by empowering security teams with full understanding of root cause, malware entry points and scope of damage

Simple, low overhead deployment optimizes existing investments in network security, endpoint tools and management infrastructure

  • Enhance the value of other security solutions, on both the endpoint and network, by automatically triggering incident analysis report generation when events are detected
  • Enable integrated monitoring and investigation of security events through SmartEvent and SmartLog

Those of us on the front lines of enterprise security see the reality of modern hacking techniques, where anti-virus solutions are becoming less dependable against these newer threats. It is critical not only to do the best job possible detecting the latest malware, but also to respond rapidly as events occur. By preventing more attacks from reaching our users, and then empowering our team to quickly contain threats before they can impact operations, we allow our highly mobile workforce to manage their business with confidence.

Michael Brine

Infrastructure Manager

Community Newspaper Group


Prevents zero-day attacks

Check Point SandBlast Agent extends the proven protections of SandBlast Zero-Day Protection to endpoint devices. By quickly inspecting files in a virtual sandbox, Threat Emulation discovers malicious behavior and prevents infection from new malware and targeted attacks. Threat Extraction reconstructs downloaded files, eliminating potential threats and promptly delivering a safe version to users.

Identifies and contains infections

With a local version of Anti-Bot security protection, continuously updated with the latest Threat Intelligence data via ThreatCloud, SandBlast Agent identifies and blocks bot communications with command and control servers to contain and quarantine any infected hosts.

Comprehensive coverage across threat vectors

SandBlast Agent secures endpoint devices from threats delivered via:

  • Web downloads
  • Content copied from removable storage devices
  • Links or attachments in email messages
  • Lateral movement of data and malware between systems on a network segment
  • Infections delivered via encrypted content

SandBlast Agent endpoint protection screenshot - forensics analysis

Full visibility of security events

The forensics capability within SandBlast Agent provides full visibility by monitoring and recording all endpoint events, including files affected, processes launched, system registry changes and network activity. SandBlast Agent is able to trace and report the steps taken by malware, including zero-day threats. Continuous monitoring by SandBlast Agent ensures that data is available after a completed attack, even those based on malware techniques that remove files and other indicators of compromise left on the system.

Detailed incident reports

The forensics capability within SandBlast Agent allows you to view event reports, triggered from the gateway or endpoint itself, from a central location using SmartEvent. Security Administrators can also generate reports for known malicious events, providing a detailed cyber kill chain analysis. These reports provide actionable incident analysis, accelerating the process of understanding the complete attack lifecycle, damage and attack vectors.

Actionable incident analysis

The forensics analysis process automatically starts when a malware event occurs. Using a combination of advanced algorithms and deep analysis of the raw forensic data, it builds a comprehensive incident summary. The summary provides key actionable attack information, including:

  • Malicious events – What evidence of suspicious behavior was detected throughout the attack lifecycle?
  • Entry point – How did the attack enter the network? What were the main elements used in the attack? How was the attack initiated?
  • Damage scope – What is the damage? What malicious and suspicious behavior has occurred within the system? What data has been stolen?
  • Infected hosts – Who else or what else is affected?

This comprehensive attack diagnostics and visibility supports remediation efforts. System administrators and incident response teams can swiftly and efficiently triage and resolve attacks, getting your organization back to business as usual quicker.

SandBlast Agent endpoint protection screenshot - incident analysis report

Third-party integration

SandBlast Agent works in conjunction with Antivirus and other security solutions from Check Point, as well as from other vendors. It enhances the detection capabilities of existing Antivirus products, enabling protection from advanced threats and providing actionable incident analysis.

When triggered by an event or investigation request by another Check Point component or third-party solution, endpoint forensics logs are analyzed to generate reports viewable in SmartEvent and SmartLog.

Easy to deploy and manage

SandBlast Agent can be quickly deployed and all policies are managed centrally through SmartCenter. Access to the event logs and incident reports is provided though SmartEvent and SmartLog, providing deep insight to understand even the most advanced attacks.

The non-intrusive, low-overhead deployment utilizes a SandBlast remote sandbox running as a service–on either the SandBlast Cloud or your own private appliances–resulting in minimal impact on local performance and full compatibility with installed applications.

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Operating System• Windows 7, 8, and 10
Supported Browsers
(For SandBlast Browser Extension)
• Chrome
• Internet Explorer 10 and above
Supported Content Channels• SandBlast Browser Extension
• File-System monitor (Threat Emulation only)
Supported File Types – Threat Extraction• Adobe PDF
• Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Supported File Types – Threat EmulationOver 40 file types, including:
• Adobe PDF
• Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
• Executables (EXE, COM, SCR)
• Shockwave Flash - SWF
• Rich Text Format – RTF
• Archives
Threat Emulation and Extraction Deployment Options• SandBlast Cloud
• SandBlast Appliance
Enforcement Modes• Detect and alert
• Block (background & hold modes)
Analysis Triggers• Anti-Bot detection on the network
• Anti-Bot detection on the endpoint
• Threat Emulation detection on the network
• Check Point Antivirus detection on the endpoint
• Third-party Antivirus detection on the endpoint
• Manual Indicators of Compromise (IoCs)
Damage Detection• Automatically identify: Data exfiltration, data manipulation or encryption, key logging
Root Cause Analysis• Automatically trace and identify root cause across multiple system restarts
Malware Flow Analysis• Automatically generated interactive graphic model of the attack flow
Malicious Behavior Detection• Over 40 malicious behavior categories
• Hundreds of malicious indicators
Policy Management• Endpoint Policy Management (EPM)
Event Monitoring• SmartLog
• SmartEvent
Endpoint Management Version• E80.63 and above
Endpoint Management - Available Packages• Included as standard with SmartCenter and Smart-1 appliances
• Available as a software license