CloudGuard for Public Cloud Network Security

Adopting public cloud infrastructure means security is now shared between you and your cloud provider. CloudGuard Cloud Network Security, part of the CloudGuard Cloud Native Security platform, delivers automated and elastic public cloud network security to keep assets and data protected while staying aligned to the dynamic needs of public cloud environments.

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Any Cloud, Anywhere

Support for the broadest range of cloud infrastructures, including: AWS, Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack, Google Cloud Platform, VMware Cloud on AWS and more.

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Automated & Agile

Auto-provisioning and auto-scaling along with automatic policy updates ensures security protections keep pace with all changes to your cloud.

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Unified Management

Single unified console delivers consistent visibility, policy management, logging, reporting and control across all cloud environments and networks.

Secure Your Cloud Deployment with the Cloud Security Blueprint

Check Point cloud security experts wrote this blueprint with their best practices and architectures for building a secure cloud deployment. Read these white papers:

Introduction to Cloud Security

Solutions and Architectures

Cloud Network Security and Advanced Threat Prevention

CloudGuard provides industry-leading advanced threat prevention and cloud network security for your public, private and hybrid-clouds, as well as efficient and consistent unified security management of clouds and on-premises networks with a single pane-of-glass.

Advanced Public Cloud Network Security with Check Point CloudGuard

Download the ESG Labs report to learn how:

  • CloudGuard is well suited to dynamic multi-cloud and hybrid environments
  • Check Point reduces the inherent complexity of managing security in multi-cloud environments
  • Check Point enables both cloud security resiliency and scalability while minimizing the need to configure the same policy across an organization’s cloud resources

Supported Configurations

Public Cloud Platforms: AWS, GCP, Azure
Public Cloud Platforms: Oracle, Alibaba, IBM

Technical Specifications

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Test Coverage of AWS Instance Type

Check Point CloudGuard for Microsoft Azure provides advanced threat prevention security to protect customer Azure public and Azure Stack hybrid cloud environments from malware and other sophisticated threats. As a Microsoft Azure certified solution, CloudGuard enables easily and seamlessly secures workloads, data and assets while providing secure connectivity across your Azure cloud and on-premises environments.

Check Point CloudGuard delivers advanced threat prevention security to keep assets and data in Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments protected from even the most sophisticated threats. As a certified AWS Security Competency solution, CloudGuard  seamlessly integrates with native AWS controls to enable rapid deployment while supporting auto-scaling and high availability across multiple Availability Zones.

Check Point CloudGuard extends advanced threat prevention security to protect assets and data in the Google cloud while enabling secure connectivity across your cloud and on-premises environments. CloudGuard compliments native Google Cloud Platform controls to enable you to seamlessly secure your assets in the cloud.

VMware Cloud on AWS

As a strategic partner of both VMware and AWS, Check Point helps customers fulfill their shared security responsibilities and delivers a consistent security posture across VMware Cloud on AWS hybrid cloud environments. Check Point CloudGuard not only enhances the native capabilities of both platforms, but also delivers unified threat visibility, centralized policy management along with consolidated logging and reporting across private, public and hybrid clouds.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Check Point CloudGuard for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure delivers advanced threat prevention and secure connectivity to protect business assets in Oracle public and hybrid cloud networks. Designed for the dynamic requirements of cloud environments, CloudGuard compliments native Oracle Cloud Infrastructure controls to protect virtual environments from even the most sophisticated threats while providing consistent policy management and enforcement across physical and cloud-based networks.

Alibaba Cloud

Check Point CloudGuard provides automated and elastic public cloud network security tailored to the dynamic nature of Alibaba public cloud environments. CloudGuard’s comprehensive security compliments native Alibaba Cloud controls to seamlessly protect Alibaba virtual networks from even the most sophisticated threats, giving businesses the confidence to extend their data center applications and workflows to the cloud.

IBM Cloud

Check Point CloudGuard for IBM Cloud delivers advanced, multi-layered network security and protects assets in the cloud with high availability, intelligent provisioning and consistent control across physical and virtual networks. CloudGuard supports a single unified console for consistent security policy management, enforcement, and reporting for on-premises, hybrid and IBM Cloud deployments within a single pane of glass, enabling secure migration to the IBM cloud.


Check Point CloudGuard public cloud network security delivers the same comprehensive protections safeguarding customer premises-based networks in a package optimized for the dynamic and elastic nature of cloud infrastructure. Secure your assets and data in the cloud against even the most sophisticated threats with multi-layered protections including:

  • Firewall, IPS, Antivirus and Anti-Bot protects services from unauthorized access and attacks.
  • Application Control prevents application layer denial of service attacks and protects your cloud services.
  • IPsec VPN provides secure connectivity into cloud resources.
  • Mobile Access allows mobile users to connect to the cloud using an SSL encrypted connection with two factor authentication and device pairing.
  • Data Loss Prevention protects sensitive data from theft or unintentional loss.
  • SandBlast Zero-Day Protection provides the most comprehensive protection against malware and zero-day attacks.

Check Point CloudGuard is available in all leading public cloud marketplaces and can be deployed in minutes, supporting both Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) and Bring-your-own-license (BYOL) pricing models. Simply choose the desired package and enable all relevant security protections to start protecting your public cloud environment.

Check Point CloudGuard is managed using your existing on-premise Check Point Unified Security Management solution. A consistent security policy is enforced for corporate assets across both your public cloud and on-premises infrastructures, all from a single console.

Check Point CloudGuard integrates with all leading public cloud management solutions to absorb and leverage contextual information about the infrastructure. Cloud-defined elements such as asset tags, objects, security groups and more are updated in real-time, allowing CloudGuard to automatically adjust security policies to any changes in your dynamic cloud environment.

Check Point CloudGuard public cloud network security unifies threat visibility and enforcement across your cloud and on-premises infrastructures. CloudGuard also enhances forensic analysis by consolidating logging and reporting into a consistent event-level view, dramatically simplifying compliance and audits.

Securing Your Cloud

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn about:
  • The current climate of cloud challenges and risks
  • Anatomy of cloud attacks and how they could have been prevented
  • Overview of Check Point CloudGuard Network Security customer use cases and success

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