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If you build embedded consumer and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, the expanding threat landscape requires you to protect your customers from cyber attacks with out-of-the-box firmware security.

From IP cameras and smart elevators, to routers, medical devices and industrial controllers, Check Point IoT Protect Firmware provides on-device runtime protection against zero-day cyber attacks – serving as the most powerful line of defense for your IoT devices.

Preventing Attacks on IoT Devices and Networks     WATCH REPLAY

Check Point IoT Protect Firmware

Assess, Harden, Control

Revolutionary on-device runtime protection enables you to develop connected IoT devices with built-in firmware security that defends against the most sophisticated cyber attacks.

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Assess Risk

Uncover security risks in your
IoT firmware

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Harden device with on-device runtime protection to prevent zero-day attacks

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Define and enforce policies per device for ongoing network access

How Firmware Security Prevents Real Exploits

Watch How Embedded Security Works

  • Router firmware is compromised by a known vulnerability
  • Once overtaken, a network scan reveals other assets, including an IP camera, which the attacker exposes to the internet
  • Check Point IoT Protect Nano Agent is installed
  • The same router vulnerability is blocked by the Nano Agent and can no longer be exploited

Uncover IoT Device
Security Risks

Check Point IoT Protect Firmware Risk Assessment

When it comes to firmware security, the risks are numerous – from 3rd party supply-chain components, to outdated firmware to state-sponsored backdoors and other vulnerabilities.
As a first step to offering IoT devices that are secure out-of-the-box, IoT manufacturers need to understand their firmware’s real-time security posture so they can identify any gaps and fix them.
Sign up for a free automated firmware risk assessment to uncover the inherent risks in your device, and obtain a comprehensive report that includes quick mitigation steps.

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Prevent Attacks with On-Device Runtime Protection

Revolutionary IoT Protect Nano Agent provides on-device runtime protection enabling connected devices with built-in firmware security.

Based on cutting edge control flow integrity (CFI) technology, the lightweight Check Point IoT Protect Nano Agent allows you to fend off the most sophisticated device attacks, including shell injections, memory corruption, control flow hijacking and even zero-day firmware vulnerabilities that have yet to be discovered.

Deploy Firmware Security in Three Steps: Assess Risks, Harden and Control

Firmware security offers the tightest protection and strongest line of defense for your IoT device.

Learn the risks associated with IoT devices, what defense-in-depth measures can be taken to secure IoT ecosystems, and why firmware security is critical.

Manage IoT Device Security from the Cloud
with Infinity

Define and Enforce Policies for Devices Secured by the IoT Protect Nano Agent

Management API
  • Open Management API available on
  • Supports internet-connected devices and devices in air-gapped environments
Define and Enforce Policies
  • Control IoT network communications to and from the device
  • Set security practices for devices protected by the Nano Agent
Define and Enforce Policies
  • Full reporting, logging and alerting
  • Easily integrate with leading SIEMs
  • Unified console for IT and IoT device-level management

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