IoT Device Security for IoT Manufacturers

If you build IoT or OT devices, the expanding threat landscape requires you to secure your devices out of the box to protect your customers from cyber attacks.

From IP cameras, and smart elevators, to medical devices and industrial controllers, the IoT Protect Device provides IoT and OT devices with built-in run-time security against zero-day cyber attacks. 

Preventing Attacks on IoT Devices and Networks     WATCH REPLAY

Check Point IoT Protect Device

Assess, Prevent, Manage

Revolutionary on-device runtime protection enables you to develop connected
Internet of Things (IoT) and OT devices with built-in-security.

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Assess Risk

Uncover security risks in your
IoT firmware

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Harden device with on-device runtime protection to prevent zero-day attacks

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Define and enforce policies per device for ongoing network access

Introducing Check Point IoT Protect for Enterprise, Healthcare and Industrial

Check Point IoT Protect prevents IoT cyber attacks, adapting protections to any IoT or OT device across smart-office, smart-building, medical and industrial environments.

Delivering zero-trust policy tailored per device, Check Point IoT Protect uses:

  • Real time threat intelligence
  • 60 innovative security services
  • On-device runtime protection to deliver a complete, end-to-end prevention-first strategy for an ever-evolving cyberphysical world

Prevent Cyber Attacks on Networks and IoT Devices

Don’t leave your IoT Security to chance. Get the visibility you need and the security you deserve with Check Point IoT Protect.

Uncover Device
Security Risks

Check Point IoT Protect Firmware Risk Assessment

Understand the inherent security flaw and vulnerability risk associated with your IoT device security including quick mitigation steps.

Prevent Attacks with Device Run-Time Security

Revolutionary IoT Protect Nano Agent provides on-device runtime protection enabling connected devices with built in IoT device security. The lightweight and easy-to-embed IoT Protect Nano Agent. makes your device resilient to any cyber threat.

Manage IoT Devices with Device-Level Enforcement

Protect vulnerable devices

  • Virtually patch devices using signatures against known IoT and OT CVEs

Control access

  • Define policies at the device level
  • Control IoT network communications to and from the device
  • Intuitive object-based policy management


  • Full reporting, logging and alerting
  • Unified console for IT and IoT management

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