Check Point Maestro Hyperscale Network Security

Check Point Maestro introduces to the industry a new way to utilize current hardware investment and maximize appliance capacity in an easy-to-manage Hyperscale network security solution.

With Maestro, organizations can simplify their workflow orchestration and scale up their existing Check Point security gateways on demand — the same way as they can spin up new servers and compute resources in public clouds.

Maestro orchestration enables expansion from a single Check Point gateway orchestration to the capacity and performance of 52 gateways in minutes, giving companies elastic flexibility and enabling massive Terabit/second firewall throughput.

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Read the Check Point Maestro and the Need for Hyperscale Network Security whitepaper to learn how traditional security appliances are no longer able to scale to meet unpredictable traffic peaks and why Check Point Maestro meets growing network security needs today with:

  • Unmatched scalability to meet the needs of the most demanding environments
  • Flexibility and resilience by adding capacity as needed
  • Simple installation and ease-of-use

Security of Hyperscale

On demand expansion available to gateways of all sizes

Operational Supremacy

Opening up new simple ways to architect and manage cyber security

Cloud-Level Resiliency

Delivering the highest standard of security orchestration and resiliency with Telco-Grade technology

Product Features

Linear Scalability for Any Appliance

On demand expansion applicable to gateways of all sizes. Start large, become giant.

Maestro Threat Prevention Throughput Graph of 6500 to 26000 series

Scalability Has Never Been So Easy

Scale, as the business grows beyond any product in the industry with the Maestro Hyperscale Orchestrator.

Maestro Scalability

Check Point HyperSync

Maestro clustering provides full redundancy within a system. All hardware resources are utilized!

Maestro HyperSync

Technical Specifications


Protecting Artists and Their Creations with Check Point Maestro

We chose Check Point Maestro because it was the best fit for our expansion needs which change from one day to the next, and because it offers the best security performance.

– Laurent Duquenne, CIO, LUMA Foundation

TRIPLE the Performance by Load Sharing

Standard Clustering
Two Devices = 1 Gbps

(1 + 1 = 1)

Three Devices = 3 Gbps

(1 + 1 + 1 = 3)

Maestro Two Devices Image
Maestro Three Devices Images

Major Aerospace Company Accelerates Secure Growth

Check Point’s Maestro Hyperscale Orchestrator allows us to add capacity on the fly, allowing us to optimize our network and provide the customer with the best experience and lowest latency possible.

– Manager, IT Security

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