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Check Point Mobile Access is the safe and easy solution to connect to corporate applications over the Internet with your Smartphone, tablet or PC. The solution provides enterprise-grade remote access via both Layer-3 VPN and SSL/TLS VPN, allowing you simple, safe and secure connectivity to your email, calendar, contacts and corporate applications.


Simply connect from mobile devices

  • Secure connectivity for smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops
  • Provides client-based and web-based VPN connectivity
  • Easy access for mobile workers using managed or unmanaged devices

Keeps your data secure

  • Communicate securely with proven encryption technology
  • Verify authorized users with two-factor authentication and User-Device pairing to eliminate network security risks and network threats

Unified management for simple deployment and administration

  • Fully integrated with the Check Point security product portfolio
  • Activate user-certificates with one click
  • Deploy and configure Mobile Access on your existing Security Gateways


Check Point Mobile VPN Client

Check Point Mobile Access is the safe and simple way to connect to your corporate resources from any application on your Apple or Android devices. This enterprise-grade VPN application provides secure access to your corporate resources via an SSL/TLS or IPsec VPN tunnel, and reduces the possibility of a network threat.


As one of the multiple end-user connection options, the SSL/TLS VPN portal is best for connecting securely to corporate resources through a portal from a web browser.

Secure Web-based Connectivity
Through an integrated Web portal, users can access web applications, web-based resources, shared files, and email. Administrators can customize the design of the web portal, including support for multiple languages.  

Endpoint Security On Demand
An endpoint compliance and malware scanner ensures that connecting endpoints are compliant with corporate policy. Out-of-compliance users are offered links to self-remediation resources.

Check Point Secure Workspace
End-users can utilize the Check Point virtual desktop that enables data protection during user sessions and enables cache wiping after the sessions have ended. Secure Workspace protects all session-specific data accumulated on the client side from any kind of network threat.

  • Creates a secure virtual environment, insulated from the host
  • Encrypts and deletes browser and application caches, files, etc., when session ends

DynamicID Direct SMS Authentication
Mobile Access can be configured to send a One-Time Password (OTP) to an end-user communication device (such as a mobile phone) via an SMS message. SMS two-factor authentication provides an extra level of security while eliminating the difficulties associated with managing hardware tokens.

Integrated Intrusion Prevention

  • Provides protection against malicious code transferred in Web-related applications
  • Blocks worms, various attacks such as buffer overflows, SQL and command injections, cross-site scripting, customizable HTTP worm catcher, directory traversal, header rejection, malicious HTTP code, and other types of security threats.

SSL Network Extender (On-demand client - SNX)

The SSL Network Extender (SNX) is used for remote users who need access to network (non-Web-based) applications. The SSL Network Extender offers a browser plug-in that provides Remote Access, while delivering full network connectivity for IP-based applications. It enables an on-demand SSL/TLS VPN Layer-3 tunnel to connect to your corporate resources. It supports any IP-based application, including ICMP, TCP and UDP, without requiring complex configuration to support each application. SSL Network Extender works on remote PCs without requiring administrator privileges.

SSL Network Extender is downloaded automatically from the SSL/TLS VPN portal to the endpoint machines, so that VPN client software does not have to be pre-installed and configured on users’ PCs and laptops. SSL Network Extender tunnels application traffic using a secure, encrypted and authenticated SSL/TLS tunnel to the Mobile Access gateway.

Integrated into the Check Point Infinty Architecture

Mobile Access is integrated into the Check Point Infinity Architecture. It can be easily and rapidly activated on existing Check Point Security Gateways saving time and reducing costs by leveraging existing security infrastructure.

Remote Access with Encrypted VPN Technology

Check Point Mobile Access uses SSL/TLS VPN and IPsec technologies to secure encrypted communication from unmanaged Smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops to your corporate IT infrastructure. Mobile Access offers multiple end-user connection options, including:

  • Check Point Mobile app
  • Check Point Mobile VPN app
  • SSL/TLS VPN portal through a browser
  • SSL Network Extender (SNX) with light-weight, dissolvable client

Mobile Access offers:

  • Secure SSL VPN access
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Device/end-user paring
  • Mobile business portal
  • Provisioning of security features and email profile

Works cooperatively with Check Point Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)Antivirus and Firewall.

Check Point Mobile Client

Simple and secure access from your mobile device to corporate web-based applications through an easy to use portal.

  • One-touch access to your business web applications
  • Secure sync of your e-mail, calendar and contacts
  • Always-on security
  • Easy setup with downloadable app
  • Secure business portal customized for each user ensuring access to only authorized corporate resources
  • Single sign-on to reduce login errors into corporate web applications

Rapid and Flexible Deployment

With SmartConsole, companies can email users instructions on how to download the Mobile client directly to the end users’ Smartphones. There are multiple ways to distribute notice of a Mobile client being available as well as choosing what Mobile client will be available for users via customized emails.

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