Mobile Management Solutions Are Not Security

Use the Best Tool to Secure Mobile Devices

Mobile management solutions were never designed to protect devices against sophisticated cyberattacks. Security was never their focus, however many businesses mistakenly bought these expensive solutions with the belief that they were locking down their mobile devices

Mobile Management ≠ Mobile Security

Mobile management solutions and Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solutions serve different purposes. UEM, EMM and MDM solutions focus on managing enterprise mobility, while MTD solutions like SandBlast Mobile, focus on securing it. Moreover, the two solution sets complement each other and enhance their capabilities. Check Point partners with all market-leading UEM vendors to add a critical security layer to enterprise mobility management.

Enterprise Grade
Mobile Security
Device lifecycle management V
App management & containerization V
Remote Access V
Conditional Access V V
Jailbreak/root detection Static only Static and dynamic
Malicious app detection V
Download prevention V
Anti-Phishing (known and unknown sites) V
Anti-Bot (blocking C&C communications) V
Man-in-the-Middle attack prevention V
URL Filtering V
Real-time threat intelligence based on a
global sensor network of mobile, endpoint,
IoT, cloud, and network indicators

UEM Integrations

SandBlast Mobile integrates with all industry-leading mobile management solutions to add a critical security layer to enterprise mobility. The threat intelligence provided by SandBlast Mobile can be used to dynamically change access privileges to reflect risk levels and keep assets and sensitive data secure
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Securing Mobile Devices is No Longer Optional

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Market-Leading Mobile Threat Defense

SandBlast Mobile is the right tool to secure your mobile workforce.

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