Mobile Secure Workspace

The proliferation of personal mobile devices in the workplace has blurred the line between business and personal, leading to more security vulnerabilities for your company. Check Point Capsule Workspace mobile security container creates an isolated corporate workspace on personal devices, making it simple to secure corporate data and assets both inside and outside the corporate network.


Segregates business data from personal data and applications

  • IT manages only business-related data and corporate assets
  • Users maintain their personal data and applications independently

Provides seamless, secure access to business applications

  • Users get one-touch access to corporate email, calendar, contacts, documents and applications
  • Enables remote access to internal corporate resources from any device
  • Encrypts business data and applications to ensure seamless access only to authorized users

Prevents business data loss from mobile devices

  • Authenticates users attempting to access managed content
  • Enables remote wipe for lost or stolen devices
  • Prevents network access from devices that have been rooted, jailbroken or modified


Manage only what you need to

With Check Point Capsule, personal applications on mobile devices stay personal, as business data is segregated from personal assets, making it possible for privacy and security to coexist.

  • Enables secure use of business resources on both corporate and personal devices
  • Keeps personal data private

Prevent data loss from mobile devices

Mobile devices don’t have to be a major source of insecurity. Check Point Capsule Workspace gives IT variability and control to significantly reduce data loss and leakage caused by mobile devices.

  • Gives control over who connects and on what devices, and creates expirations on local data storage
  • Detects and prevents access from compromised devices
  • Wipes the whole corporate workspace when necessary due to misplaced or stolen devices

Create a seamless and secure user experience

Greater security shouldn’t come at the expense of ease of use. With Check Point Capsule Workspace mobile security container, users authenticate with one touch through an encrypted connection, making secure, remote access possible from any iOS or Android device. Once in the workspace, users simply do what they need to do, enjoying an intuitive user interface and transparent security protections.

  • Facilitates easy, natural interactions with business resources such as email, calendar, contacts, notes, documents, web applications and remote desktops

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Mobile Operating System Support
  • iPhone and iPad—Apple iOS 7.0 and up
  • Android 4.0 and up

Supported Applications in Check Point Capsule Workspace
  • Email
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Notes
  • File repository
  • File editing
  • Internal web based business applications
  • Remote desktop (using WebSocket)
Email, Calendar, Contacts, and Notes - Server Support
  • Supported on Exchange server 2007 SP2+, 2010, and 2013
  • Supported on Office 365 Exchange Online
  • Based on “Exchange Web Services” protocol
  • Support for push email

Authentication Options
  • Username / password (AD/LDAP)
  • RADIUS challenge response
  • Internal CA certificate
  • RSA SecureID
  • DynamicID SMS
  • 2-step authentication

Security Gateway and Management Support
  • R77.10 and higher
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