Mobile Threat Defense

Mobile devices are the backdoor to network breaches, exposing sensitive corporate data to risk. Check Point’s SandBlast Mobile is the leading mobile threat defense solution (MTD), protecting devices in your business from advanced, fifth generation cyber attacks.

Advanced Protection

SandBlast Mobile 3.0 protects workers’ devices from malware, man-in-the-middle attacks over cellular and Wi-Fi networks, OS exploits, and phishing attacks.

Highest Catch Rate

SandBlast Mobile is the recognized leader in the mobile threat defense category, with the highest threat catch rate on the market.

Full Threat Visibility

SandBlast Mobile’s cloud-based dashboard provides real-time threat intelligence and visibility into the type of threats that could impact your business.

SandBlast Mobile 3.0

SandBlast Mobile 3.0 protects against threats to the OS, apps, and network, scoring the industry’s highest threat catch rate without impacting performance or user experience. Only SandBlast Mobile 3.0 delivers threat prevention technology that:

  • Blocks zero-day malware
  • Prevents phishing on all apps
  • Blocks devices from sending data to botnets
  • Prevents infected devices from accessing corporate apps
  • Mitigates threats without relying on management platforms

A New Paradigm for Preventing Mobile Threats.

SandBlast Mobile Example
SandBlast Mobile 3.0 blocks phishing on all apps

Prevents activating malicious links on email,
messaging, and social media apps

SandBlast Mobile Example
Blocks infected devices from accessing
corporate data

SandBlast Mobile 3.0 prevents users from accessing a corporate app or data from an infected device.

SandBlast Mobile Example
Blocks devices
from sending data to botnets

When malware infects a device and attempts to send data to a botnet, SandBlast Mobile blocks the connection.

100% of Businesses are Affected by Mobile Malware.
They Just Don't Know It Yet.

EMM Integrations

When paired with market-leading EMM solutions, SandBlast Mobile adds a critical security layer that can be used to dynamically change access privileges to reflect risk levels and transform static management policies into dynamic mobile threat prevention.

“Check Point SandBlast Mobile is the best zero-day malware protection possible for mobile devices. There’s nothing else out there with multiple layers of protection. Our IP is secure, and that’s peace of mind.”

-Steven Lentz, Director Information Security,
Samsung Research America


SandBlast Mobile Leads
IDC MarketScape

Analyst firm IDC assessed all mobile thereat management (MTM) vendors for their ability to defend against advanced threats in their 2017 MarketScape. Download this report to learn:

  • Why organizations need MTM solutions
  • Evaluation criteria for MTM solutions
  • Why SandBlast Mobile leads the MTM market

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