Multi-Domain Security Management

Multi-Domain Security Management delivers more security and control by segmenting security management into multiple virtual domains. Businesses of all sizes can easily create virtual domains based on geography, business unit or security function to strengthen security and simplify management.
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Enable granular and isolated
role-based administration
of a multi-tenant security
management architecture.


Single security management
configuration for VPN,
Firewall, IPS, and other


Create, view and control all
network security
management domains from
a single console.

Scale with Multi-Tenant
Network Security Management

Multi-Domain Carousel 1 Network Security Management Architecture diagram
Management Architecture

Segregate complex management environments into multiple domains. Each management domain is an independent security management environment with a separate database, log server and its own set of security policies.

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Granular Administrator Controls

  • Create and centrally manage multiple administrators in the multi-domain security management environments
  • Give administrators permission to manage specific domains or different aspects of the multi-domain system
  • Allow multiple administrators to work on different security management domains simultaneously
  • Concurrent security management administration enables multiple admins to work on the same domain simultaneously

Multi-Domain Carousel 3 Security Dashboard screen capture
Multi-Domain Security Dashboard

Create, view and control all management domains from a single, centralized console. Assign global policies to different management domains and create and manage domain administrators. Domain admins launch the same Check Point SmartConsole application to manage each security management domain.

Multi-Domain Carousel 4 Global Policy image
Global Policy

  • Define templates for global security rules and assign them to multiple domains.
  • Define shared objects at a central location and deploy them globally across multiple domains.
  • Define and manage VPN communities across multiple domains from a central location.
  • Define and manage threat prevention policies across multiple domains from a central location.


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