Easily Secure Remote Access for Any User, to Any App, From Any Device

As organizations shift employees to work remotely, they may overlook critical security aspects, significantly increasing their exposure to cyberattacks.  

CloudGuard Connect redefines remote access by delivering the easiest and most secure way to connect any user, from any device, to any corporate application, SaaS or the internet—without compromising on security or speed.

SASE Remote Access

icon pink user centric

User Friendly

Connect from any device

Icon pink shield

Admin Friendly

Deploy in minutes, limitless scalability

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Zero Trust Security

Inherently secure, least-privilege

3 Ways to Securely Connect All Your Users

1. Clientless
For managed and unmanaged devices

2. Client-Based VPN Agent
Only for managed devices

3. Browser Protection
For fast & direct secure internet access

Clientless Secure Corporate Access

Access any application using a web browser

  • Intuitive portal to access corporate apps
  • Personal view based on permissions
  • Access to Web Applications and Remote Desktop (RDP)
  • Remote Admin (SSH) and Database (SQL) Access

Client-Based Secure Corporate and Internet Access

Support legacy applications

icon pink VPN client

Lightweight VPN client

icon pink device check

Device posture check

icon pink email web

Advanced Threat Prevention
and Web Security

Browser Protection for Secure Web Access

Unique in-browser protection that prevents hacking related-breaches

Prevent malware download

Prevent phishing

Prevent corporate password exposure

Secure All Remote Connectivity with
11 Cloud Security Services

01. Next Generation Firewall

02. Advanced Threat Prevention

03. Secure Web Gateway

04. Secure SASE Applications

05. Zero-Trust Network Access (SDP)

06. DNS Security

07. Data Loss Prevention

08. Web Application and API protection

09. Email Security

10. Browser Protection

11. Device Posture and Compliance

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