CloudGuard SaaS
for SaaS Security

The cloud improves efficiency, both for your business and for those trying to attack it. Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions provide limited protection.

Check Point CloudGuard SaaS protects enterprise data by preventing targeted attacks on SaaS applications and cloud-based email.

CloudGuard SaaS and SaaS applications

'Most Effective'
Breach Prevention

Protect Office365 & G-Suite attachments, as well as shared files and downloads on Box, OneDrive, and more. CloudGuard SaaS provides the industry’s leading block rate for malware and zero-days (NSS Labs)

Rock Solid
Identity Protection

Eliminate the primary SaaS threat: account takeovers. From SaaS behaviors and configurations, to logins from compromised devices, CloudGuard SaaS detects unauthorized access, using transparent, strong authentication to block account hijacks

Superior Phishing

Stop clever phishing attacks and email spoofing. CloudGuard SaaS AI engines analyze hundreds of indicators like language and email meta-data to block more phishing techniques than any other solution or CASB

More Than Just a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Cloud Access Security Broker solutions (CASBs) initially emerged to allow visibility into cloud data and unsanctioned SaaS applications in use. This is no longer enough – visibility does not guarantee security.

CloudGuard SaaS is a cloud service tailored for real SaaS threats. More than just a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), it blocks attacks intended to steal data on SaaS applications and cloud email. It provides complete protection against malware and zero-days, sophisticated phishing attacks, and hijacking of employee SaaS accounts. Users also gain instant threat visibility and data control and protection.

  • Zero-Day Threat Protection
  • Phishing Protection
  • Identity Protection
  • Data Leakage Prevention
  • SaaS Shadow IT Discovery
  • Intuitive Cloud Management

Prevent the Takeover of Employee SaaS Accounts

Check Point research shows that 90% of data breaches on SaaS applications occur from targeted attacks. 50% of these breaches occur from SaaS account takeover.

CloudGuard SaaS prevents more account takeovers by correlating multiple threat indicators. It identifies malicious user activity and configurations and blocks unauthorized user access even from compromised devices.

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Catch More Phishing
Attacks on Office365
and Gmail

CloudGuard SaaS uses artificial intelligence to detect malicious content on SaaS email accounts and block sophisticated phishing techniques that bypass traditional CASB and email security solutions.

SaaS Security is
One Click Away

CloudGuard SaaS is a cloud service. Its API architecture enables seamless integration with SaaS applications and instant threat visibility.


“We’ve been using Office365 Outlook and OneDrive within our organization and have been looking for a comprehensive solution to secure them. CloudGuard SaaS has blocked numerous attacks on our applications, including account takeover, phishing and ransomware attacks.”

-Amir Shay, Security Officier, Neopharm Group

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