Security Management Portal for SMB

The Security Management Portal (SMP), with its intuitive web-based user interface, enables managed service providers to provision security efficiently for small businesses. With a robust architecture that scales to manage up to 10,000 Check Point Small Business appliances, the SMP easily keeps pace with your security-as-a-service business.


  • Reduces administrative overhead to lower operational costs
  • Supports existing business processes
  • Enhance brand awareness and generate new revenue streams
  • Demonstrates added value for your services


Intuitive, resilient management infrastructure

SMP provides an on premise fully redundant management infrastructure that enables service providers to remotely manage the security, VPN, and networking functions of 600, 700, 1100, 1200R and 1400 appliances. Service providers can deploy more than one management server in a NOC, with full load balancing and automatic failover, thereby enabling around-the-clock business availability, fault tolerance, high performance and scalability. In addition to this on premise option, a Check Point cloud hosted Security Management Portal is also available.

'Zero-touch' configuration

Deploy customer appliances without the need for an onsite resource to be present, reducing time, effort, and cost. When deployed onsite, customer appliances are first registered into the Check Point cloud. Once registered, they are added into the SMP and ready for remote management.

Streamline provisioning, maintenance

SMP simplifies the deployment and maintenance of Check Point Small Business gateways using group-based management tools. Administrators define multiple service plans, each consisting of a template that defines the plan’s expiration date, gateway properties, VPN settings, as well as additional services such as antivirus protection and content filtering.

Automate firmware updates

Ensuring that thousands of gateways all enforce the highest level of security can be a daunting administrative task. To alleviate this problem, Check Point Small Business gateways use “fetch” technology for automatic and scheduled firmware updates: gateways automatically detect and download new firmware whenever it becomes available on the management server, instead of the management server initiating communications with each individual gateway.

Log, report, monitor and alert

SMP turns the vast amount of data collected from security devices into understandable information that can be used to demonstrate security services’ effectiveness and value-for-money to customers. Security reports can be rebranded and are automatically generated and emailed to customers at predefined intervals and can also be viewed directly from the SMP management interface.

Grow your business

No one understands security better than Check Point. That is why the Security Management Portal can help grow your MSP business. By simplifying the process of deployment and integrating powerful management and reporting features, the SMP improves customer security and overall satisfaction while lowering time and costs for your MSP business.

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