WatchTower Security Management App

Monitor your network with Check Point’s WatchTower Security Management App and quickly mitigate security threats on the go with your mobile phone.


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Managing Security from the Palm of your Hand

The intuitive WatchTower Security Management App provides real-time monitoring of network events, alerts you when your network is at risk, enables you to quickly block security threats, and configure the security policy for multiple gateways.

Download Check Point’s WatchTower Security Management App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today!

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WatchTower Security Management App

Security Management on the Go Using Your Mobile Phone

Network Security snapshot
View the devices connected to your network and any potential security threats.

Real-Time Security Alerts
Real-time notification of malicious attacks or unauthorized device connections.

On-the-Spot Threat Mitigation
Quickly block malware-infected devices and view infection details for further investigation.

Customized Security Event Notifications
Customize notifications for your top-priority security events.

Network Security Event feed
View all security events by category and drill down for further information.

Network statistic reports and charts
Gain insights on network usage patterns.

Easily manage multiple gateways
Configure the security settings for multiple gateways.

Advanced policy configuration
Manage advanced security policy settings securely via web user interface.

Watchtower Security app

WatchTower Security Management App Supports These Check Point Security Gateways

Small and Branch Office

Rugged Appliances

Watch a demo of how the WatchTower Security Management App handles a security breach

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