Share Your Product Catalog Quote

Key Features

  • Ability to share a quote(s) with multiple people
  • Sharing with everyone, including non PartnerMAP users
  • Recipient can view and clone Shared Quotes
  • Quickly delivered to all recipients mail
  • Easily managed in “Saved Quotes” page

Start sharing your Quotes

How It Works

1. Select a Quote you want to share 2. Add a recipient(s) & note 3. Your Quote was shared with others
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With whom can I share a quote?
User can share a quote with Distributor/ Re-seller/ Customer or Check Point Sales Representative . You can share a quote with user that is not using the Product Catalog, simply type the e-mail address.

How can I see who shared the Quote and with whom?
The “Saved Quotes” page contains all the details on the shared quote.

Can I do multiple share for the same Quote?

Yes, In order to perform multiple share, type e-mail address of all recipients you would like to share the quote with.

What actions can I do on a Quote that was shared with me?
You can clone or/and export to XML file or get Quote by e-mail (Edit and delete actions are not available).

Will the user sharing a Quote with me be notified on changes I put into the shared Quote?

No, in order to share your changes with that person, you will have to clone the quote and share the new one.

Start sharing your Quotes