What is the R80 Upgrade Verification Service?

R80 Upgrade Verification Service is an upgrade verification and environment simulation service. You get customized support to help make your transition to R80 as seamless as possible, so you can optimize the features of R80, while ensuring compatibility with the existing security infrastructure.

How do I run the service?

The security administrator runs a simple command on the management system which sends the configuration files from the current platform to the associated User Center account. If your management platform is not directly connected to the Internet, a local upload tool called Check Point Uploader can be used on a windows system with internet access. The R80 Upgrade Verification Service will simulate your environment, verify the upgrade across key features, and ensure the database is not corrupted. You will be notified of the status of the upgrade simulation, with advice on how best to proceed.

To get more details on the upgrade service, please refer to sk110267.

Where can I get additional resources on R80?

For Release Notes and other information, please refer to the R80 software release page.

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