Report a Potential Security Issue

Check Point is committed to the security of its products. The security response team in Check Point is dedicated to respond to potential security problems and to make sure reports on such issues are handled properly.

Check Point provides multiple ways to communicate with the security response team:

  • Contact the security response team via the [email protected] mailing list. Please make sure to include as many details as possible to allow us to handle the report as efficiently as possible. You can use the Check Point PGP key to encrypt the communication.
  • Fill in the below form with the report details. Pressing “Submit” will send the report to our security response team.
  • Contact technical services and mention you need to report a security issue. There is no need for support contract in order to submit such report. Our technical services personnel will make sure the report is escalated to our security response team.

The mailing list and this form are not intended for technical assistance requests or other feature enhancements.

    Potential Security Issue Information

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