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Check Point Infinity Global Services deliver end-to-end cyber security service offerings that help you prevent advanced threats, respond to widespread attacks and enhance your security resilience strategy.


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End-to-End Cyber Resilience–
​When You Need It, as You Need It​

Our suite of cyber security services has been expanded and accelerated to deliver a wide-range of services to protect you end-to-end – from initial assessment and design to ongoing training and optimization to rapid response – for the best security. Powered by our elite experts and real-time threat intelligence, our comprehensive set of services help protect organizations of all sizes.

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Explore the Different Cyber Security Services​

Design threat prevention into your defenses with our portfolio of readiness assessment, security blueprint, risk evaluation, policy review and best practice-based services

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Gain actionable intelligence to take your security posture to the next level

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Supply Chain Risk Assessment

Identify and minimize risk associated with third-party connections

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Zero Trust Maturity Assessment

Evaluate your Zero Trust implementation and create a plan to move forward successfully

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IoT Risk Assessment

Discover, quantify and defend your IoT infrastructure against cyber attacks and data breaches

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Security Controls Gap Analysis (NIST, CIS)

Identify technology gaps to implement solutions to measurably improve security performance

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Threat Modeling

Take your security defenses to the next level through a comprehensive threat modeling process

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Penetration Testing

Test systems, applications or security controls to improve defenses against attacks

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Ransomware Readiness Assessment

Evaluate and enhance your ransomware incident response plan to prevent future attacks

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Breach Readiness Assessment

Assess current practices with actionable steps to improve incident response

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Optimize your security and extend team capabilities with proactive cyber monitoring, blueprint designs and enhanced defenses that stop threats in real time

Hybrid Cloud Security Blueprints

Simplify your hybrid cloud journey with security blueprints to optimizing threat prevention

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Infinity Security Design & Architecture Review

Gain an expert review of security design and architecture to optimize protection against rapidly evolving threats

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Proactive Cyber Health Monitoring

We’ll monitor your management and security gateways to prevent threats, protect uptime and deliver detailed reports

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Security Deployment & Optimization

Gain expert assistance for deploying or optimizing security infrastructure

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Diamond Services

Partner with our dedicated engineers for 24/7/365 support and consulting capabilities

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Strengthen team expertise, from security practioneer to CISO, through heightened security awareness, hacking skills, cloud training and security certifications

Check Point Security Core Certifications

Enhance your expertise with Check Point security technology and products with our certifications

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CISO Training

Master cyber security practices and effectively balance tactical initiatives with strategic leadership

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Cyber Employee Awareness

Empower employees with the knowledge and skills to stay cyber secure at work and home

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Cybersecurity Hacking Skills

Receive training to understand web, infrastructure and advanced hacking of cloud and IoT environments

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Cyber Gaming

Engage in gamified cyber training from top vendors in our Cyber Park site

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Improve response readiness with services designed to enhance incident response planning, proactively identify vulnerabilities, hunt threats, analyze digital forensics and facilitate fast recovery

Incident Response

Receive immediate response from our experts for any security attack 24/7/365

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Managed Detection and Response

Implement a “prevention-first” approach to stopping attacks and optimizing defenses

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Cloud Incident Response

Respond to incidents in cloud-based infrastructure in governance, visibility and shared responsibility

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Digital Forensics

Identify attackers and uncover the facts behind an incident to gain visibility into attacker activity

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Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering

Rely on experts to identify and remove malware while minimizing its impact

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Active Directory Assessment

Gain visibility into AD weaknesses from an attacker’s perspective to identify and remediate risk

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Root Cause Analysis

Analyze incident artifacts, attack chain, attack vectors and lateral movement for remediation and improved defense

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Compromise Assessment

Discover all compromised systems, verify successful remediation and detect other hidden threats

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Table-top Exercise

Help your team gain incident response experience without suffering the real-world consequences

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Incident Response Plan Development

Develop incident response plans that support business objectives and improve response

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How to Consume Infinity Global Services

Infinity Global Services Retainer

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Just-in-time consumption of Infinity Global Services:

  • Purchase credits that can be used for “Assess”, “Optimize”, “Master” or “Respond” services as you need them
  • Receive the cyber security expertise – whenever you need it – with budget predictability and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Determine how much assistance you need and when. Use credits to boost current security capabilities, enhance threat prevention capabilities, assess and reduce risk or optimize your security maturity

The Check Point Incident Response team helped Connexus develop a comprehensive incident response plan.

Check Point helped our entire company build a stronger security posture. That’s the kind of engagement we wanted to protect our systems, operations and customers.

– Jon Rono, Group Leader for Technology Services at Connexus Energy

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