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FireWall-1 Mailing List

The address for the FireWall-1 mailing list address is Listserv@amadeus.us.checkpoint.com. To send a command to the mailing list, send an e-mail to that address with the command in the body of the message (the subject line can be left blank).

To subscribe:

SUBSCRIBE fw-1-mailinglist <your name>

To unsubscribe:

UNSUBSCRIBE fw-1-mailinglist

To unsubscribe a different address:

Send your request with explanation to fw-1-owner@ts.checkpoint.com

To get additional help:


To set vacation, out of office, or away messages:

SET FW-1-mailinglist NOMAIL

In addition to the normal mailing list, there is also a digest version available, which carries the same messages, but collected into a few large "digests" per day. To subscribe to the digest version, or to unsubscribe from it, use the following commands:

To subscribe:

SUBSCRIBE fw-1-mailinglist <your name> WITH NOMIME DIGEST

To unsubscribe:

UNSUBSCRIBE fw-1-mailinglist

After leaving the list you will stop receiving new email, but it may be some time before the last of your old, queued messages arrive. You might receive some list traffic for up to a day afterwards.

If you have difficulty removing yourself from the list, check to make sure that you are not part of a local 'firewall-1@your.site' alias. If you know that you are not a part of an alias and you need help getting off of this list, please send email to fw-1-owner@ts.checkpoint.com.

To post to the list, email your posting to:


Note that you must be subscribed to the list to post!