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Check Point Performance and Optimization Training

This premium 2-day course takes you through a journey of the Check Point internal performance architecture. Learn to think and manage your system like the experts.


"Practical course. Was very beneficial for me to participate"
-Student, Stockholm, Sweden

"Thank you for putting everything in order for me – now I really understand the issue from bottom to top"
-Student, Brugge, Belgium

"An expert trainer who understands different situations and provide many practical tips"
-Student, Sydney, Australia

"A GREAT Course! Will recommend to all my colleagues!"
-Student, Madrid, Spain

"Thanks to this course, I now know more than my manager & can teach him some staff."
-Student, Rome, Italy

"Practical and useful course. I've learned a lot. GREAT instructor!"
-Student, London, UK

"Well done for such an innovative & practical. This course came exactly when I needed it."
-Student, Mexico City, Mexico