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Changing Network Printer Ports

When you set up a new network printer, the ZoneAlarm router automatically assigns a port number to the printer. If you want to use a different port number, you can easily change it, as described in Setting Up Network Printers.

However, you may sometimes need to change the port number after completing printer setup. For example, you may want to replace a malfunctioning network printer, with another existing network printer, without reconfiguring the client computers. To do this, you must change the replacement printer's port number to the malfunctioning printer's port number, as described below.

Note: Each printer port number must be different, and must be a high port.

To change a printer's port

  1. Click Network in the main menu, and click the Ports tab.

    The Ports page appears.

  2. Next to USB, click Edit.

    The USB Devices page appears, displaying a list of connected printers.

  3. Next to the desired printer, click Edit.

    The Printer Setup page appears.

  4. In the printer's Printer Server TCP Port field, type the desired port number.
  5. Click Apply.

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