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Comprehensive security for Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments, delivering advanced threat prevention, visibility, posture management, and threat hunting.

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Security and Posture Management

Security and Posture Management

Visualize, automate, manage,
and remediate security and
compliance in AWS

Unified Security for Multi-Cloud

Unified AWS Cloud Security

Comprehensive, unified,
and elastic network and
workload security

Automated DevSecOps

Cloud Security Intelligence

Advanced cloud
intelligence, threat hunting,
and forensics in AWS


Loyal CloudGuard


AWS Compliance


Cloud Native
Service Integrations

Enchanced AWS Security – Customer Success

cadence logo

“When deploying a multi-cloud environment, you need to have a consistent tool that plays across all the platforms. Using the cloud-agnostic CloudGuard service, I only need to train an individual on one set of tools and he can manage our total cloud environment very effectively.”

—Sreeni Kancharla, CIO & Sr. Group Director, Cadence

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“We selected CloudGuard for Serverless to provide additional security, as it seamlessly integrated into our ever expanding use of AWS Lambda functions and helped automate security into our serverless infrastructure.”

—Brent Bane, Senior Cloud Architect, Best Friends Animal Society

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"Check Point and AWS have released Xero from the constraints of traditional management and security practices. Together, we enable a strong, positive security culture across the business without limiting growth in any way.”

—Aaron McKeown, Head of Security Engineering and Architecture, Xero

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"Sallie Mae protects its cloud perimeters and reports risk internally with Check Point CloudGuard. Sallie Mae has more than 100 AWS accounts and doesn't have the capabilities to manually monitor each account individually. CloudGuard is easily scalable, provides security visibility and continuous compliance, and has become essential to report risk to Sallie Mae's internal management team."

—Andy Smith, Manager, Security Operations, Sallie Mae


AWS Security Everywhere at Scale and Speed

Check Point delivers unified and automated cloud native security on AWS multi-cloud environments, including network security and threat prevention, security posture management, workload and API protection, cloud intelligence, and threat hunting. 

It is natively integrated with Amazon Security Hub, AWS Lambda functions, VPC Flow Logs, Amazon GuardDuty, CloudWatch, and over 50 Amazon AWS services and security solutions.

Automating DevSecOps in AWS

CloudGuard provides DevOps teams the security that compliance demands—with the performance to keep teams moving forward. While protecting emerging threats to modern applications built on microservices, CloudGuard minimizes disruption to development processes. Integration with AWS Lambda and many other AWS native services allows enhanced security across all clouds, assets, and networks.

cloud native security automated devops diagram

Better Together: AWS Security Services Integration

CloudGuard natively integrates with over 50 Amazon AWS services and security solutions, including Amazon Security Hub, AWS Lambda functions, VPC Flow Logs, Amazon GuardDuty, and CloudWatch.

AWS Security Hub

Check Point CloudGuard solutions natively integrate with Amazon AWS Security Hub, providing AWS customers with better visibility into gaps in their security and compliance posture, as well as context-rich security intelligence for enhanced threat prevention. CloudGuard is also a design partner of AWS Security Hub.

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Control Tower

AWS Control Tower allows for the creation of new AWS accounts in an AWS organization with best practices and guardrails in place that can be customized. CloudGuard can integrate with Control Tower to automate the security of new AWS accounts being created. It uses the centralized logging model of AWS Control Tower to build a unified operational and security view across a multi-account environment.

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AWS Lambda

CloudGuard leverages Lambda Functions for auto-remediation capability through CloudBots. The CloudBots platform is an open source project deployed in client's cloud environment.

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Amazon Inspector

CloudGuard integrates the Amazon Inspector service into its security automation framework. With CloudGuard, AWS customers can ensure that Amazon Inspector is deployed and configured correctly in large-scale environments, and continuously monitor and act on findings.

CloudGuard also presents and apply findings from/to Amazon Inspector on protected assets, allowing an overview of compliance and Inspector findings in a single pane of glass.

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Amazon GuardDuty

The integration with Amazon GuardDuty provides contextual visibility into the findings directly from the entity explorer. This allows the user to quickly identify and correlate a resource with its configuration, networking, and IAM settings, as well as host vulnerabilities and detected threats – dramatically shortening the time to prioritize and investigate alerts.

CloudGuard presents findings from GuardDuty on protected assets, allowing an overview of compliance and GuardDuty findings in a single pane of glass.

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Amazon VPC Flow Logs

CloudGuard taps into VPC flow log data and enables users to act on powerful security and operational insights based on network traffic. CloudGuard converts the flow logs into cloud intelligence and contextualized insights for threat hunting and forensics in AWS. It also uses flow logs to detect malicious activity occurring within the network traffic.

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AWS CloudTrail Logs

CloudGuard tracks all API activity by consuming CloudTrail logs and incorporates the feed into an independent third party audit. The CloudGuard audit trail provides timestamps and context of user activity for any configuration change within the AWS environment.

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Amazon CloudWatch

With CloudGuard you can reason on CloudWatch configurations and apply all the functionality we have in Compliance Engine - including exclusions, continuous monitoring, alerting, reporting on Cloud Watch configurations and events.

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AWS IAM Access Analyzer

CloudGuard allows users to ingest findings from Access Analyzer and apply all this functionality in CloudGuard’s Compliance Engine against those findings.

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AWS Config

CloudGuard allows you to ensure that AWS Config rules are enabled and that there were no configurational changes made to AWS Config configurations, always keeping you in compliance to your regulatory requirements.

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CloudGuard leverages SQS and SNS for alerting and notifications that can be triggered from within the UI of each respective CloudGuard platform.

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