Container Security

Fully lifecycle security and compliance for containers. CloudGuard Cloud Native Security provides centralized visibility into containerized environments with continuous compliance and runtime protection.
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Provides dynamic threat prevention and leverages behavioral analysis to assess container security requirements

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Continuously scans assets and automates container security to ensure threat prevention and compliance

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Build security capabilities into CI/CD prior to deployment. Provides guardrails to remediate risks

Container Security

Container deployments require a shift in how we approach workload security. Visibility, and embedded security and compliance guidelines for continuous threat prevention is critical.

CloudGuard provides a unified view of container assets across all cloud environments to ensure container configurations are in compliance. In addition, security and compliance configurations can be built into CI/CD.

During runtime, CloudGuard protects the container assets using dynamic protection based on customized rules, behavioral analysis, as well as other threat intelligence models–automating protection and remediation.

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Why CloudGuard for Container Security

  • Continuous cloud security posture management and compliance assessments for Kubernetes clusters
  • Automatic vulnerability scanning of container architecture, searching for misconfigurations and security threats
  • Dynamic, active, protection of container workloads based on compliance regulations, customized rules and exceptions with auto-remediation
  • Centralized visibility and visualization of complete container inventory with reporting capability
  • Customized policy rule sets and exceptions for container assets

Supported Cloud Platforms

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“We leverage CloudGuard to protect our growing and distributed cloud based file storage environment. CloudGuard provides us improved access controls through on-demand dynamic access leasing and improved security and compliance through detailed auditing and alerting.”

-Manny Landron, Senior Manager, Security and Compliance, Citrix

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