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Financial cyber security is a profoundly complex, multifaceted ecosystem that demands advanced protection from sophisticated cyberthreats. From advanced persistent threats to compliance, to protection of high-value endpoints, Check Point offers integrated solutions that address the finance industry’s unique challenges.

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Financial Services ATM

Robust protection for those who need it most

Banks, payment card providers, payment processors and other financial services firms are attractive targets for cybercriminals. Despite being at high risk for advanced, persistent threats, many financial services companies lack integrated technologies to prevent, detect and respond to threats. There are many challenges, including:

  • Manage security in complex, distributed environments
  • Efficiently meet compliance and governance requirements
  • Give your teams the resources they need to secure the environment

Financial services firms need comprehensive advanced protection with simplified management so that they stay in compliance, minimize risk and never lose their competitive edge.

2 out of 3 see phishing as their greatest threat - Check Point 2019 Security Report

How We Can Help

Protect against persistent, coordinated attacks

  • Integrated, defense-in-depth protection that enables FSI organizations to detect, protect and respond to multiple advanced attack vectors simultaneously
  • Hybrid solution that leverages DDoS-specific IPS protections, anti-bot for DDoS-specific botnet activity and dedicated DDoS mitigation solutions
  • Real-time intelligence is constantly fed to security gateways via Check Point ThreatCloud services, protecting against unknown malware, zero-day exploits and advanced persistent threats (APTs)

Protect ATMs and other endpoint-based systems

  • Integrated security that leverages a single protection architecture for enterprise network and endpoint-based systems such as ATMs
  • Ensure remote connectivity for managed endpoints
  • Protect mobile devices from threats and secure business documents

Reliability and performance

  • Affordable and easy to deploy all-in-one solution for delivering industry leading security to protect the weakest link in your enterprise network — remote branch offices
  • Consolidating multiple security technologies into a single security gateway, our security appliances are designed to deliver advanced and integrated security solutions to meet all of your business security needs
  • Protect your hardware investment, maximize appliance capacity and dynamically add compute when needed in an easy to manage Hyperscale network security solution

Operational efficiency and lower cost of ownership

  • Single security protection architecture for data center, headquarters, lines of business, online banking, retail branches and end-points facilitates consolidation and enables organizations to gain the most economies of scale from their security investment
  • Unified, centralized management makes it easier to maintain global security policies and validate rule changes to prevent potential outages and security holes
  • Lifecycle management through combination of device pre-configuration and translation that aid transition from legacy systems

Advanced incident identification and response

  • Effectively prioritize events to focus on the ones that are important
  • Timeline sequence and details of an attack to aid in responding quickly to a security incident
  • Interaction with intelligence sources and incident response analysis and recommended remediation for quick recovery

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