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Financial services firms have adopted cloud and endpoint technology to allow seamless interactions through networks and amongst customers and employees devices. Without proper security measurements in place, financial services risk being impacted by cyber attacks. In fact, financial services industry is recognized as the most-breached sector, with threats existing outside the organization and internally through employee devices. Incorporate a threat prevention strategy to secure sensitive data and transactions with Check Point’s consolidated security architecture.

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threat prevention


Prevent breaches with a consolidated security architecture

operational efficiency


Ensure peak performance and lower total cost of ownership

regulatory compliance


Meet compliance and governance requirements to safeguard data

Network Security for Financial Services

Network Security for Financial Services

Simultaneously run all threat prevention technologies on your choice of next generation firewall without compromising security or performance. Elevate SOC operation by eliminating zero-day attacks and maximize appliances capacity with Hyperscale network security. Simplify your security posture and streamline and scale operations for continued business growth with Check Point’s Network Security solution.

Financial Services
Reeling From Ongoing Cyber Attacks

Endpoint Security for Financial Services

Endpoint devices like ATMs and card readers, provide a physical gateway to access the corporate networks. Jackpot criminals load malware into physical machines or conduct man-in-the attacks to steal cash, credit cards, and personal information. SandBlast Agent remediates sophisticated malware attacks on all endpoints.

With BYOD programs becoming increasingly common, encrypt corporate data by enabling remote secure access. Check Point SandBlast Mobile offers a mobile security solution to protect against threats to the operating system, applications and network.

Cyber Attacks on Mobile Devices
Impact 100% of Businesses

Multi-Cloud Security for Financial Services

The Check Point CloudGuard suite provides comprehensive security and compliance solutions for financial service organizations, preventing the most sophisticated cyber security attacks in your multi-cloud environment.

  • CloudGuard IaaS delivers advanced, multi-layered cloud network security across pubic and private clouds.
  • CloudGuard Dome9 provides a high fidelity cloud security posture management across cloud assets and workloads with automated security and compliance.
  • CloudGuard Log.ic allows to further view real-time forensics, and gain graphical context around anomalous behavior.

The Definitive Guide to Public Cloud Security
and Compliance for Financial Services

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

The security compliance blade and public cloud compliance can be configured for unique policies to deliver real real-time assessment of compliance. Security compliance blade best practices meets the needs of BASEL, SOX, and NIST while public cloud compliance meets NIST and GDPR requirements.

Unified Security Management

With unified management across all cloud and network environments for financial services, cut operation management by up to 80%. Centrally manage thousands of security gateways allowing enterprise-ready scalability.
Gain full threat visibility through a single pane of glass.

Unified Security Management

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