State and Local Government Cyber Security

State and local governments possess a wealth of information on citizen activity and government operations, making them prime targets for cybercrime. To fend off cybercriminals, you need to look beyond traditional methods. Check Point provides your organization with the necessary tools to secure your sensitive data and critical infrastructure.

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Security Solutions For Education

The coronavirus outbreak has shut down schools and college campuses across the United States, affecting tens of millions of students.

As a result, schools have resorted to online learning using websites, apps, and other tool. However, this increased connectivity has provided more opportunities for threat actors to exploit and infiltrate school systems. 

At Check Point, we understand the unique challenges that educators face. Our goal is to help you put an end to sophisticated cyber threats by strengthening the security of your endpoints, networks, and clouds.

Our solutions have been deployed in:

  • Trade Schools
  • Private Schools
  • K-12 Education
  • Universities
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Check Point offers a comprehensive cyber security education program called SecureAcademy by partnering with higher learning institutions . Partner with Check Point to prepare your students with skills needed to prepare them as cyber security professionals. Students will get hands on experience in comprehensive labs and graduate as a certified professional.

Cyber Attacks Against State And Local Governments Are Surging

U.S. state and local governments are under threat now more than ever. Cyber attacks against state and local municipalities have increased almost 50% since 2017.

Ransomware demands have also risen from an average of $30,000 to $380,000. To adapt to this rapidly changing landscape, government entities need a solution that protects against all cyber threats.

With cyber attacks increasing in volume, variety, sophistication, and velocity, it’s no wonder companies struggle to keep up. Consolidated security allows you to overcome these challenges. A single unified architecture secures your cloud, mobile, IoT, endpoints, and network, streamlining operations and reducing costs.

State And Local Government Cyber Security Requires A Consolidated Architecture

Traditionally, IT professionals stitched together a variety of products, each designed to address specific security issues. A consolidated architecture provides you with improved visibility, superior threat intelligence, and simplified management across your entire environment. With cyber criminals targeting your network, cloud, and endpoint and IoT devices, it’s time to consider a cyber security strategy that covers all your bases

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Threat Prevention

Prevent ransomware attacks and sophisticated threats across all attack surfaces.


A single unified security architecture provides complete control and visibility across networks, cloud, and mobile

Cost Reduction

With improved operational efficiency, you’ll reduce total cost of ownership.


"SandBlast Mobile gives us so much more protection with so much less management effort. Instead of taking up to 30 minutes to install on a device, it now takes two or three minutes, and we get consistent protection across Android and iOS platforms."

- Russell Walker, Chief Technology Officer, Mississippi Secretary of State


"Check Point SmartEvent and SmartLog are amazing features. They give us immediate visibility into any security related events and collect data on issues that come up so we can resolve them quickly."

- Johnny Garcia, Senior Network Administrator, Central New Mexico Community College


"What I like about VPN-1 Pro/FireWall-1 is from the start there was a consistent philosophy that has never changed. It has continued to be upgraded to respond to new threats, but the basic technology hasn't changed."

- Tomokazu Nemoto, System Engineer, Tokiwa University Media and Information Technology Center

Ada County

"Thanks in part to the flexibility afforded by the Software Blade Architecture, the capabilities of the 12400 and 4600 appliances may be endless. We run multiple software blades with a ton of traffic going through them and we have plenty of room to grow."

- Bret Lopeman, Network Security Administrator, Ada County


Stop Ransomware In Its Tracks

One of the biggest threats to governments of all sizes is ransomware. A successful ransomware attack can
cause you significant downtime, lasting days, months, or even longer. State and local government entities often have tight budgets and cannot afford to be hit with a successful ransomware attack, which typically has devastating financial consequences.

Check Point’s Anti-Ransomware is a necessity for state and local government cyber security. Protect your entire
agency from the most dangerous ransomware attacks and restores encrypted data to ensure business
continuity. Anti-Ransomware is part of Check Point’s advanced endpoint security suite, SandBlast Agent.

Prevent Phishing

Phishing is one of the most dangerous and effective forms of cyber crime. Humans are often the weakest link, and it only takes a momentary lapse of judgment to fall victim. The consequences of a successful phishing attempt cannot be understated. For instance, in January of 2020, a city in Wisconsin was disabled by a ransomware attack, which was introduced via a phishing email. When the attack was taking place, their city manager said, “Our ability to access anything on our computer files right now is non-existent.” 

The ability to prevent phishing scams is paramount for state
and local government cyber security. Check Point offers
solutions to block phishing attacks across email, mobile, and endpoint devices.

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