Healthcare Cloud Security

Check Point CloudGuard provides comprehensive cloud security and compliance solutions for healthcare, protecting patient privacy and sensitive data while preventing the most sophisticated attacks–protecting the entire cloud infrastructure and its applications.

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Cloud Visibility

Visibility of your mission
critical healthcare applications and private data


Threat Prevention

Automatically identify security risks, taking immediate remediation for threat prevention


Governance & Compliance

Maintain HIPAA cloud compliance and privacy of data, public and private cloud infrastructure, including all assets and workload applications

Cloud Security Compliance for Healthcare

The cloud has advanced patient care tremendously, optimizing healthcare infrastructures; providing real-time data exchange and access. However, with the proliferation of new healthcare application workloads, IT security professionals are challenged with the unique next gen security and compliance requirements.  

The future of cloud security is here. Read more on how healthcare organizations are securing their modern cloud application workloads while maintaining control over their compliance posture.

This guidebook includes:

  • Strategies for securing modern application workloads
  • Considerations for maintaining compliance
  • Methodologies for automating security
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Healthcare Cloud Security

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The Check Point CloudGuard suite provides comprehensive multi-cloud security and compliance solutions for healthcare, providing privacy around cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and other patient and sensitive data, while also preventing the most sophisticated Gen 6 cyber security attacks in your multi-cloud environment.
  • CloudGuard Dome9 offers micro-segmentation for your assets and workloads, and seamlessly implements an automated HIPAA compliant posture management solution within your multi-cloud environment.
  • CloudGuard Log.ic you can further view real-time forensics, and gain graphical context around anomalous behavior, that would otherwise be missed, sifting through large amounts of log and event data.
  • CloudGuard IaaS delivers advanced, multi-layered cloud network security across pubic and private clouds.

Healthcare Privacy and Security for
Cloud-Native Applications

Modern cloud-native application security, like those in cloud workloads, need to be built from the ground-up with the inner workings of the application in mind. Traditional application security protocols simply do not work in these modern architectures as the mechanic of the application has fundamentally changed. Healthcare organizations and medical technologist need to reimagine the way AppSec is done without negatively affecting the operational benefits of these modern workloads like efficiency and, cost savings. Read “The Cure for Securing Cloud Workloads in Healthcare” to find out more.

How Do We Help You with
Cloud Compliance for Healthcare?

  • Deliver real-time assessment of compliance with HIPAA and patient privacy rules and regulations
  • Ensure powerful security with rapid accessibility of PHI to retain the trust of doctors and patients
  • Provides instant notification on security policy changes negatively impacting security, and make action recommendations for improvements, automatically
  • Highlight poor configuration settings and security weaknesses with remediation recommendations

Learn more about Cloud Security Posture Management and Compliance


“Our commitment to security is what differentiates our cloud-based service. Check Point CloudGuard IaaS extends the same security that we have in our data centers. We’re not sacrificing protection for agility and scale. Customers’ data is safe no matter where it resides.”

- Jay Orler, Vice President, Infrastructure and Security, Lightbeam Health Solutions

Courtagen Life Sciences

“From a network operations standpoint, we are spending less than 2 percent of our expenses to run and manage all of our cloud infrastructure, as well as our internal network and user support. With cloud computing, secured by Check Point solutions, we can leverage world class infrastructure that we would never be able to build on our own as a startup.”

- Jason Warner, Ph.D., Director of Bioinformatics, Courtagen Life Sciences

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“We have not had to increase our headcount in moving to the cloud because of the comprehensive and easy network security and compliance CloudGuard Dome9 provides. We are cognizant that if we were still back in the old days, still in colo’s and afraid to make changes, we would not be in the position we are today, providing robust security in protecting the US food chain and building other applications for healthcare and federal agencies.”

- Eric Hoffman, President, Datastream Connexion


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