Check Point offers the industry’s largest IoT discovery ecosystem to secure hundreds of thousands of IoT devices. Our IoT security solution works with the industry’s leading IoT asset discovery platforms across healthcare, industrial, smart office and smart building environments.


Armis and Check point offer a comprehensive solution for IoT security that is suitable for different IoT environments including industrial, healthcare, smart building and smart office. The joint solution enables organizations to reduce their exposure to the IoT cyber-risk and prevent IoT related threats, without disrupting business operations.
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The Claroty and Check Point joint solution provides real-time cyber-security and visibility for Industrial Control networks. Claroty’s ICS intrusion detection and passive OT monitoring combined with Check Point’s security gateways and management, protects industrial networks from cyber-attacks while avoiding production disruption.
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CyberMDX and Check Point offer a joint solution for hospitals and clinics securing clinical networks and ensuring patient safety and medical data confidentiality. The solution protects medical devices and Healthcare IoT by combining CyberMDX’s visibility and detection capabilities with Check Point’s security gateways and policy management.

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Cynerio and Check Point offer a joint cyber-security solution tailored for healthcare organizations. Cynerio’s 360° view into medical devices, healthcare IoT and clinical network topology combined with Check Point’s security gateways and management enables network-wide security policy enforcement and streamlined remediation.
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Medigate and Check Point offer a cyber-security solution for medical devices and healthcare IoT, tailored to the unique security needs of hospitals and clinics. With a clinical domain expertise, the joint solution protects clinical networks, critical connected devices and confidential medical information, without disrupting critical medical processes.
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Ordr and Check Point offer a joint security solution for different IoT environments, including industrial, healthcare, smart office/building. The Ordr Systems Control Engine (SCE) combined with Check Point’s security gateways and management enables organizations to identify, classify, regulate, and secure IoT/OT devices from cyber-attacks.
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The SCADAfence & Check Point joint solution extends security capabilities for OT networks by providing customers with granular visibility into industrial assets and real-time communication patterns. The solution auto-generates security policy, based on detection of security events in the OT network.

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