CyberMDX + Check Point

An integrated solution for Healthcare IoT security that combines CyberMDX’s IoT visibility and detection capabilities with Check Point’s gateway and policy management capabilities.

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CyberMDX and Check Point's Integrated Solution

An integrated solution for Healthcare IoT security that combines CyberMDX’s IoT visibility and detection capabilities with Check Point’s gateway and policy management capabilities. CyberMDX delivers its granular Internet of Medical Things visibility into functional attack prevention by integrating with Check Point IoT Security Solution to enforce smart generated security policies.

All hospital assets are auto-identified and classified by CyberMDX’s AI engine. The classified assets are then pushed to the Check Point IoT Security platform, tagging the devices using its IoT API. In addition, tagging mechanisms are further leveraged in order to create recommended policy for a set of similar devices.

The recommended policies are based on CyberMDX’s Smart-Isolation planning tool which creates context-aware network access policies, tailored to the specific clinical network, and enforced using Check Point’s firewalls. CyberMDX also maintains Check Point concurrence with asset IP addresses (even when those addresses are dynamic).

This highly structured classification methodology, coupled with CyberMDX’s deep understanding of clinical IT environments and Check Point enforcement, streamlines the production and implementation of finely tuned and robust security policies that would otherwise only be possible with a great deal of manual labor.

Check Point Use Cases

Enrich Check Point with CyberMDX  Classification

  • Tag devices with CyberMDX classification data and risk-level to enable Checkpoint IoT Security to use tags for apply tailored / specific access rules. The enriching data includes identification of medical devices, device type, device make and more.
  • CyberMDX dynamically registers IPs in Checkpoint – keeping the firewall aware of the precise identity of a device behind an internal IP address.

Enhance Check Point IoT Security with CyberMDX Classification Policies

  • Push recommended policies to Checkpoint IoT Security to restrict network access between assets.
  • Using Check Point IoT Security Manager, and CyberMDX’s Smart-Isolation policies, you can configure context-aware security policies derived by the specific attributes of your medical and IoMT devices to create the following segmentation use cases:
  • Protocol restriction – For example: CT scanner can talk to the PAC server only using DICOM protocol.
  • Out-of-manufacturer-scope restriction – For example: Phillips MRI machines can communicate with a specific
    Internet domain for SW update.
  • Risk score restrictions – For example: Deny access from a highly vulnerable MRI to Internet domains.
  • The policies are enforced by perimeter and/or internal segmentation firewalls in an on-going, automated and scalable way.

Virtual Patching of Medical Devices and IoMT

  • Continuously detect vulnerabilities relevant to medical and IoMT devices, and mitigate them through virtual patching of the Check Point IoT Security Solution with the appropriate IPS signatures. That enables you to protect devices running on legacy or unpatchable systems and software.

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