Cynerio + Check Point

Cynerio and Check Point join together to combine Cynerio’s medical-first platform with Check Point’s unmatched security that HDOs need to face cyber threats head-on.
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The Integrated Solution

The Cynerio and Check Point joint solution provides HDO security teams with comprehensive insights into risks contextualized according to criticality and care delivery. Teams receive robust and customized cybersecurity policy and the ability to enforce it with ACLs, VLANs, and IP-level firewalls. With the help of a single-dashboard view, this policy can be extended to cover the entire hospital network, including standard IoT devices.

Cynerio’s holistic and medical-first approach to IoT security goes beyond devices. Deep-packet inspection provided by Cynerio offers a detailed view into device attributes and network behavior and topology, operating systems, MAC addresses, and internal and external communications.

Armed with these insights and an understanding of expected communication patterns, the Cynerio solution delivers robust security policies and remediation programs to healthcare organizations. Check Point’s zero-trust IoT Security Manager enforces the security policies by restricting communication between segmented zones and external networks. Security teams also benefit from Check Point’s built-in automated security defenses and a virtual patching mechanism to thwart detected threats.

The Cynerio and Check Point integrated solution empowers HDOs to enforce security across complex clinical ecosystems and achieve long-term, scalable threat remediation without disrupting operations or the delivery of patient care.

Why Cynerio and Check Point?

The Unique Challenges of Healthcare IoT Security:

  • Identifying connected medical devices
    Get a clear picture of your clinical ecosystem with device inventory and classification.
  • Profiling devices and expected behaviors
    Determine device uses and standard communication patterns.
  • Contextualizing device risk
    Understand the level of risk posed by individual devices according to device criticality within the context of patient care.
  • Understanding the organizational impact of devices
    Assess the impact of the risk of each device on an organizational level by factoring in hospital-specific
    workflows and network topography.
  • Devising & enforcing effective security policy
    The Cynerio and Check Point solution allows to construct an informed security policy that remediates and
    stops threats without interrupting patient care.

Ready to Experience Check Point IoT Security Solution?

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