Azure Security

Experience the ultimate cloud-native security solutions for Microsoft Azure, adding comprehensive and automated cloud network security, high fidelity cloud security posture management, and advanced security intelligence and threat hunting in Azure.

Azure Security
Azure Security
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Advanced Threat

Active protection of Azure public and hybrid clouds, preventing sophisticated threats

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Visibility and
Posture Management

Granular, intuitive visualization of all cloud assets, networks and security groups

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Unified Security Management

Comprehensive, unified, and elastic network and workload security in Azure


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Cloud Native

Check Point and Microsoft Azure, Better Together

Whether migrating to Azure or born in the cloud, Check Point provides industry-leading cloud security solutions. Get up and running faster through out-of-the-virtual-box integrations with Azure Sentinel, Web Application Firewall, Azure Security Center, and numerous Azure services. Check Point enhances and extends Azure’s native security.

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Cloud Security Blueprint for Microsoft Azure

Learn how to address cloud security challenges and implement leading security architectural principles.

Cloud Network Security and Advanced Threat Prevention for Azure

Before moving your mission-critical workloads to the cloud, you must be confident that your apps, data, and workloads will stay secure.

Today’s cloud networks need multi-layered threat prevention to protect them from malware and other sophisticated threats. By using CloudGuard for Microsoft Azure, organizations can easily and seamlessly secure workloads while providing secure connectivity. 

High-Fidelity Cloud Security Posture Management for Azure

If your cloud-hosted data must meet strict compliance and regulations standards, configuring everything properly—especially on thousands of virtual machines across hybrid or multi-cloud environments—can be complex and daunting.

Customers choose CloudGuard to add visibility of all their cloud assets, comprehensive compliance management, including automation.

Centralized Visibility for Azure

With numerous workloads in the cloud, visibility can be a critical issue for organizations and makes security posture management a challenge.

CloudGuard provides intelligent visibility and situational awareness of the network security for Microsoft Azure environments, and allows organizations to identify threats and anomalies even before they happen. With advanced cloud intelligence and actionable insights and alerts, security teams are able to quickly identify and remediate threats.

CloudGuard and Azure Integrations

Many features in CloudGuard expand the functionality of Azure—and Azure security features broaden the functionality of CloudGuard too. For example, Azure Application Gateway protects web apps out of the box, but when used with CloudGuard, it can protect applications inside the Azure Virtual Network (vNet) and east/west traffic too. In return, CloudGuard can use the gateway’s load-balancing features to improve performance.

Azure Supported Ecosystem

Azure Security Center
Azure Security
Azure Sentinel

Azure Sentinel

Azure Network Security Groups (NSG)

Azure Network Security Groups (NSG)

Azure Application Security Group (ASG)

Azure Application Security Group (ASG)

Azure Traffic Manager
Azure Traffic
Azure Load Balancer
Azure Load
Virtual Machine Scale Set (VMSS)

Virtual Machine Scale Set (VMSS)

Azure Virtual Networks (VNet)
Azure Virtual
Networks (VNet)
Key Vault

Key Vault

Azure Active Directory

Azure Active

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps

Kubernetes Service


Azure Event Logs

Azure Event Logs

Azure SQL

Azure SQL

Azure Logic App

Azure Logic

Azure Database for PostgresSQL

Azure Database for PostgresSQL

Azure Data Warehouse

Azure Data

Microsoft Partner Awards

Microsoft Partner Awards

20/20 #1 Most Prolific Integration Partner

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