Robust Azure Security

The Checkpoint CloudGuard platform is a comprehensive solution to improve Azure security

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Powerful visualization of Microsoft Azure VNets, network security groups (NSGs) and network assets

In-place remediation of security misconfigurations

Active protection against vulnerabilities and attacks

Automation framework for compliance and security hardening

Enhancing your Azure Security

CloudGuard Dome9 delivers security and compliance automation to enterprises as they build out their Microsoft Azure environments. Only with CloudGuard Dome9, organizations gain full visibility and control of their security posture, allowing them to minimize their attack surface and protect against vulnerabilities, identity compromise, and data loss in the cloud. CloudGuard Dome9’s agentless SaaS solution provides operational efficiency for faster time-to-protection.

CloudGuard Dome9 Arc provides technologies to visualize and assess security posture, detect misconfigurations, model and enforce gold standard policies, protect against attacks and insider threats, and comply with regulatory requirements and best practices. Enterprises choose CloudGuard Dome9 as their key partner to improve Azure security and provide the active protection necessary throughout their cloud journey.

CloudGuard Dome9 Clarity for Azure

Powerful Security Visualization

CloudGuard Dome9 Clarity is a powerful visualization capability in the CloudGuard Dome9 Arc platform providing intelligent visibility and situational awareness of the network security in your Microsoft Azure environment.

It is an agentless (API based) solution that gathers information from your Azure environments within minutes. It auto-classifies your assets based on level of exposure to the outside world and provides a real-time view of your network topology and workflow across network security groups (NSGs), VNets, subscriptions and regions.

Active Protection

The Tamper Protection capability of CloudGuard Dome Arc allows you to lock down your security posture by preventing unauthorized configuration changes, enforcing a security gold standard at all times.

CloudGuard Dome9 continuously monitors Azure cloud accounts for changes outside the CloudGuard Dome9 system and automatically reverts config changes to last known/approved state.

CloudGuard Dome9 Arc for Azure
CloudGuard Dome9 Compliance for Azure

Compliance and Governance

For customers who have their data on Azure, ensuring common data and information security best practices are met is critical to adhering to regulatory and compliance standards such as PCI DSS, SOC 2 Type 2 and CIS Azure Foundations Benchmark.

The CloudGuard Dome9 Compliance Engine delivers continuous compliance with built in Azure bundles that have over 200 security checks. It also provides automated data aggregation for faster compliance audits and security assessments as well as continuous monitoring and alerting of non-compliance.

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