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Mobile security and complexity don’t have to go hand in hand. Check Point Capsule is one seamless solution that addresses all your mobile security needs. Capsule protects your mobile devices from threats, provides a secure business environment for mobile device use and protects business documents wherever they go.

Stop the spread of cyberthreats

Traditional networks are disappearing. That means the devices that access your network are often well beyond the network perimeter and vulnerable to cyberthreats. A device harboring undetected malware puts the whole network at risk of infection.

  • 11.6 million mobile devices infected with malware in 2014
  • 47 percent of organizations have experienced a security breach as a result of a compromised mobile device

Provide a secure environment for business data

Today’s mobile devices do double duty as tools for personal and business use. We check email from personal devices and stay in touch with friends and family on business devices. This behavior makes data ownership and control complicated to say the least, and it opens the organization to increased security risk from data exposure or theft.

There is pressure on organizations to maintain strict control over business data on mobile devices without asserting any control over the device itself. Often what’s needed is a secure, isolated environment for accessing business apps and data.

Protect documents wherever they go

Emailed documents can easily be a loophole in a secure business environment, making them a particular challenge. Your employees exchange documents frequently with recipients, and once those documents leave your control, you need to know they won’t be misused.

How We Can Help

Capsule Workspace

Establish a secure business environment, segregating your business data and applications including those on your personally owned devices.

Learn more about Capsule Workspace

Capsule Docs

Control your business documents, regardless of where they go. Encrypt your business documents and enable seamless access by authorized users only.

Learn more about Capsule Docs

Capsule Cloud

Enhance your cyber threat protection while using cloud services by extending corporate security policies easily to Windows and Mac laptops.

Learn more about Capsule Cloud

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