Gain Complete Ransomware Protection

Check Point offers multi-layered protection against ransomware attacks across endpoint and mobile devices, email, network and web.


Ransomware is on the Rise

Remote work and accelerated cloud adoption have created a global increase in ransomware attacks. Ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated with new trends such as Ransomware-as-a-Service and Mobile. Cyber criminals threatening to publish private information for double extortion and demand ransom not only from the infected organization itself, but from its customers, partners and suppliers in triple extortion.


increase in ransomware attacks year over year

$20 billion

Worth of damage to organizations by ransomware attacks during 2021


increase in ransom payment from 2020 to 2021

Check Point Ransomware Protection Solutions

Check Point offers a wide range of security solutions against ransomware attacks across endpoint, mobile, email & collaboration applications, internet access and network environments — providing a complete ransomware protection for your organization.

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Real-time ransomware protection and recovery on the endpoint

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Block mobile ransomware hiding in malicious files and mobile apps

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Block email attachments containing malicious files and executables

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Block ransomware disguising in malicious web downloads and website

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Prevent penetration and lateral movement of ransomware inside your network, cloud and data centers

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Protect your Endpoint from Ransomware

To ensure business continuity, more and more companies have opened access to their corporate applications from laptops. This has rendered endpoint devices more vulnerable. Once a user’s PC or laptop is infected, the threat can move laterally and easily infect other endpoint devices and corporate assets.

Endpoint protection (EPP) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) serve as the first and last line of defense against the growing wave of ransomware attacks.

Harmony Endpoint provides runtime protection against ransomware with instant automated remediation, even in offline mode. In case of an anomaly caused by a ransomware, Harmony Endpoint Behavioral Guard identifies, blocks and remediates the full attack chain.

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Protect Against the Growing Wave of Mobile Ransomware

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Mobile ransomware is on the rise. Today, when working from home, your workforce in increasingly using mobile device to perform critical work tasks and share sensitive information over mobile devices.

Once a mobile device is infected with malware, it can serve as an entry point to your organization’s most susceptible assts. Harmony Mobile offers complete protection as the industry’s leading MTD solution.

Harmony Mobile is the only solution in the market with complete file protection, blocking malicious file downloads and scanning for malicious files in storage. It also blocks the download of malicious application in real time.


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Block Ransomware Coming from Email and Collaboration Apps

These days, 74% of organizations are using Office365 email and collaboration apps Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive. These applications are one of the channels most exploited by hackers for presenting ransomware into the organization. This expanded threat landscape requires a new approach to email security since conventional solutions built for on-premises email have failed to adapt for the cloud.

Harmony Email & Collaboration offers complete protection for Office 365 and Gsuite email and collaboration app environments. It uses advanced sandboxing to block malicious email attachments containing ransomware files or executables before reaching user mailboxes. It also blocks the spread of ransomware across the organizations via productivity apps like Teams, SharePoint, One Drive, Gmail, Slack, Google Drive.

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Ensure Secure Internet Access, Ransomware-Free

Ensure secure internet access, ransomware-free

Working outside the corporate firewall exposes users to internet-based threats that would otherwise be blocked at the network level. Remote workers may unintentionally put their organizations at risk by downloading infected files and visiting a malicious site. Once a user is infected, the ransomware can take advantage of corporate applications such as office 365 and move laterally in the organization.

Harmony Browse provides unique in-browser protection. It sandbox and sanitize all downloaded files preventing ransomware infections.


Harmony Connect provides a secure web gateway and
Firewall-as-a-Service solution, preventing users from downloading or visiting malicious sites and protects the organization from further infection.


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Prevent the Penetration and Spread of Ransomware Inside Your Network, Data Centers and Cloud

Networks and datacenters are held hostage for ransom daily. Therefore, it’s critical to stop ransomware at the first stage of the attack. Quantum Security Gateways provide advanced threat prevention including ransomware protection for network, cloud, and data centers. By using advanced AI engines, Quantum gateways stop Zero-Day threats, phishing attempts, malicious downloads, and perform complete file protection with sandboxing, content disarm and reconstruction.

Ransom-based threats also come in the form of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks when networks are flooded with massive amounts of destructive traffic. Check Point also offers dedicated DDoS protection to immediately stop these attacks.

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